Mommy and school exams

Apr 12, 2012

Time really flies when we have to juggle between work and family. No, let me rephrase it. Time really flies when you are juggling between work and family in KUALA LUMPUR. I never seem to get enough time to do anything other then our routines. Maybe because I have to sleep early to get up at 4.30am? Maybe it’s the bad traffic everyday? Maybe because I am spending extra time making sure that Sya’s homework is done everyday and maybe…just maybe I am taking too much time to do revision for his never ending exams.

Oh yes, I find it “challenging” teaching Sya’s school syllabus. Not that he’s slow but because he would ask questions. Questions that would make you “GERAM”. Don't believe me? Just read the two examples given below.

Example 1:

Nails protect fingers and toes (science book for primary one). So to make him understand, I explained to Sya: Look at your fingers and toes. If you do not have them, blood will be flowing from your fingers (just to make it sound dramatic). What do you think is important to prevent that from happening?

Syafiq answered: Ohh, I know. Plaster(handyplast)!!

Now, that was really unexpected, wasn’t it?

Example 2:

Science Fact: A fish needs fins and tail to swim. without one of them it cannot swim". So I gave him a question to see if he understood. Now, imagine if I chopped a fish's tail, do you think it can swim?" Syafiq: No mom, it cannot swim. ( as i just about to praise him...) Syafiq continued, " Because the fish would have died when u chop it off. Right?" From afar, I could hear ayah threw into a laughing fit…

Now, would you be happy that he got the answer half right? Though the reason he gave was somehow off? But anyway, I didn’t want to give up…he was almost there. So I told him: No no…the fish was still alive. Do you think it can swim? Sya said: With all the blood? He would be ill…of course he couldn’t swim.

Oh what the heck. It’s my fault. I should have just said that the fish was born without a tail!!

My palms are sweating as I am writing this because his exam is about to start anytime soon. I am sure he didn’t open his science book before the exam. I am 99% sure that he would be playing “fighting game” until the exam time. I don’t care whether he would score or not. I just hope that he would be abe to perform his best and remember whatever I had taught him. Also he better not come back with an answer like “plaster” when it should have been “nails”! Wish him a smooth sailing exams. Ameen~