20th Ramadhan

Aug 30, 2010

20 days of Ramadhan had passed very quickly. Soon, Muslims would be busy preparing to welcome Eid. Or has it started already? For today's break fast, my hubby requested me to cook his favorite curry noodle. As for dessert I opted for something light, which was konyaku jelly. Selamat berbuka~

Curry noodle

homemade Konyaku jelly

Iced milk coffee

19th Ramadhan

We were invited for iftar at a friend's house. Takkan nak pergi dengan tangan kosong kan? So I made some dessert. However, while busy preparing for the trip, we forgot to bring our camera. As the result, no pictures of break fast menu were taken. Luckily I managed to snap a few pics of the dessert before leaving. For your viewing...Selamat berbuka!

The theme for today's meal: Thai

English trifle

Air sirap limau

Kobe China town

Aug 29, 2010

We managed to squeeze our time doing some sightseeing while we were in Kobe. If you browse the internet for places to go in Kobe, you will probably get a long list of recommended places to go. One of the places that we visited during our limited spare time was Kobe China town.

Kobe China town or Nankinmachi provides nice Chinese atmosphere, with more then 40 shops and restaurants were seen along this area. China town in Kobe is small if you compare to that of New York. Nevertheless, the China essence was there. The streets were bustling with activity all day long. The Chinese-style buildings and colorful signs give it an exotic atmosphere.

Night life of China town

One of the many stalls selling dim sums and hawkers' food

Advertisement: 'our food has been featured in TV show...'

We decided to have our dinner at this restaurant

Xiao Lei's Tan tan noodle

Oiwa-san's Za jiang noodle

My Chinese seafood cold noodle

The explorers to Kobe China town today

After the dinner, we walked around to look for some souvenirs and found this interesting stall shown below.

Interesting t-shirts...imitating Puma, no! We are originals!

18th Ramadhan

Aug 28, 2010

Craving for nasi dagang but we couldn't get ikan tongkol from the wet market. So, we settled for nasi tomato instead. Our break fast menu for the 18th of Ramadhan. Selamat berbuka~

Nasi tomato with ayam masak merah & acar nenas

Agar agar santan gula melaka

Air sirap bandung

17th Ramadhan

Aug 27, 2010

My hubby went to the wet market this evening. So today's break fast menu very much depended on his harvest from the market. He came home with 3 big bags of asari (clam) requesting me to cook masak lemak. So, here is our break fast menu on 17th of Ramadhan. Selamat berbuka~

Remis masak lemak cili padi

Japanese shaved ice (strawberry flavor)

Aquarius Vitamin guard (boost of Vit C and minerals)

16th Ramadhan

4 days of dining out in Kobe. Of course they were all delicious but I have to admit I still prefer the warmth of home cooking. Sharing you our break fast menu for 16th Ramadhan. Selamat berbuka~

Shrimp curry

Bitter melon stir fry

Pineapple pudding

Calpis water

Iftar in Kobe

Aug 26, 2010

I am back from Kobe...tired~ both physically and mentally. The conference in Kobe was packed with real goodies for people who were eager to learn. And the more you learn, the more you will get confused, the more you realized that there is more out there for you to discover. It's a vicious cycle. Oh yes, there is no stop to learning...and I am beginning to see myself talking and laughing alone, talking to anything but human (not that I am not doing it already...). No wonder people say scientists are crazy!

Enough said about the conference, let's talk about something I love most about Kobe~ good food! Kobe is a famous place for dining. You can get any type of cuisine out there but make sure you bring your fat wallet too! hahaha. They can be quite pricey.

Below were my break fast menu during my stay in Kobe. Ohh...I have just realized that the main dish that I had were all noodles. Must be the hot weather that made me craving for noodles instead of rice. *wink* Selamat berbuka~

12th Ramadhan: Japanese Tarako spaghetti (spaghetti in salted roe sauce)

13th Ramadhan: Chilled seafood noodles (Chinese)

14 Ramadhan: Seafood spaghetti in tomato cream sauce (Italian)

15th Ramadhan: Korean style steamed eggs (appetizer)

15th Ramadhan: Korean style spicy hot fried udon

11th Ramadhan

Aug 21, 2010

From tomorrow till Thursday, I will be away attending an international conference in Kobe. May not be able to cook but hopefully will be able to show some pictures of the trip instead.

Spent time at home today. Browsed through the internet and flipped through my recipe books for today's break fast menu. Decided to bake chicken pot pie as today's main dish. Selamat berbuka!

Chicken pot pie

soupy and creamy filling +crispy crust= delicious

Baked asparagus with basil sauce

A piece of carrot cake for tea/ berbuka anyone?

Air limau nipis sudachi

10th Ramadhan

Aug 20, 2010

10th Ramadhan, another busy day at the University. Here in Japan, apart from my close friends, I don't think anyone knows that Muslims are fasting in this exceptionally hot summer. Not even my professor, who most of the time forgets there is a Muslim student in his department. hahaha. Anyway, I have been doing quite fine and I hope I would be able to fast without him noticing any difference in my performance.

Today's break fast menu ~ very simple and easy dish, completed in less than 40 minutes.
Selamat berbuka!

Nasi goreng

Pengat pisang with sago

Peach juice

9th Ramadhan

Busy day again today. Didn't get to to go home to berbuka puasa pun. Berbuka at the lab with coffee, then quickly finished up my experiment so that I could meet up with my hubby and son at Fujiya restaurant which is just 5 minutes away from the university.

Fujiya restaurant is basically our favorite hanging out place. We are usually given a small room, which is good since my son tends to talk loudly and likes to 'kacau orang'. The food served there is basically seafood so there are plenty of choices for us Muslims.

Since ayah's chicken pox lesions have all scabbed since yesterday, which also means he's not infectious anymore, I decided to release him outside today after one week of staying at home. It must have been stressful for a man to stay at home 24 hours for 7 days continuously!

Showing you below is our break fast menu for today, the 9th of Ramadhan.
Selamat berbuka~

Ayah's sushi and tempura set

My sashimi (raw seafood) with tempura set

Our little one's prawn tempura udon

Appetizer: prawn and octapus with lemon sauce

Appetizer: sour sweet fish

Ayah's main dish: Sushi

My main dish: sashimi

Main dish: tempura

All cleaned up! habis licin...