Ups and downs, and more downs...

Jul 2, 2011

Gosh, it has been a while since I last updated my blog. Browsing back, life has been quite hard on me lately. But I am surviving. Hopefully the good side of the wheel would appear soon and all is back to normal.
1. We have moved to a new place and yes, it is not haunted. Phew!
2. We have got our car out from the ship container, without any scratch or car logo stolen. That's something that calls for a celebration!
3. Sya has started to speak Malay and English. Just that Sya is confused which is English and which is Malay. Hence, the mixture of Malay, English and Japanese sometimes. The frantic teacher is trying very hard to correct him but we are quite cool about it. The teacher doesn't seem to be too happy about that. Hihihi...
4. Work? Well, we still have no office. My department is placed in a hall. No privacy. Yeah, we are getting used to it.

Now latest news. I am on MC for 14 days. Bed rest, says the doctor. Life has been exceptionally hectic and I hope with the warranted MC, I will be back on track.

Ok peeps. I shall stop here. Bed rest, says the doctor at home (aka hubby).