Fingers crossed

Feb 11, 2010

I am having hard time with my professor for the past 1 month.
Busy is the only word I have with my life nowadays.

I had a meeting with boss yesterday.
The past 2 meetings didn't end well and I sort of disappointed him...he said. Well, that's something you don't want to hear from your supervisor, in any possible way. He has been given me 3 big jobs to do. First, to handle my own project. Secondly, to help out a collaborator in UK for another project and lastly, Lei's project. He trusted me to complete them.
Well, I have to say I am doing a good job so far. I have fulfilled everything he asked me to do. I had all the results but it was my presentation that he did not satisfy. Well...I have to accept that he's a real perfectionist. He said, you did your job but that should include the way you present it. If you never thought of how to present it, your whole effort went to drain. Well, it's true. I took his point. But then again, with my whole day taken for experiments, when do I have the time to prepare the presentation? I should search my way into finding time to prepare the presentation for weekly meeting!? That is too much to handle sometimes.

For yesterday's meeting, I was so afraid that I delayed my experiments so that I have my results presentable. Well, he said he liked the way I presented it. Ohh...thank god! Do I have to do this every week? Too much effort every time. My husband could feel my anxiety and didn't like it too much. But I have to if I want to stay in this lab and graduate with a degree. Just in another year if everything goes well.

Cross your fingers for me...

Valentine's day

Feb 4, 2010

Valentine's day is around the corner. For Japanese, this is the time when females get the chance to show their affection by giving chocolates or presents to the guys they like. It's a big thingy in Japan. It's celebrated by females from age 7 to the more matured ladies. How do I know? Well, my colleague who is a mother to a 7 year-old girl is looking for a chocolate recipe. Saying that this year too, the daughter would like to make chocolate and give to the boy he admires for the past 2 years. My another colleague who has a masseur boyfriend complained that she would be fat during the Valentines because her handsome boyfriend would be getting lots of chocolates from his 'auntie clients aging from 50 to 70 years old'.

By the way, my son who is going to turn 5 this month asked about Valentine's day after watching a commercial about valentines chocolate. He asked his father, 'Daddy, what shall I do on Valentine's day? Shall I grab a girl and hold her hands?'. I laughed and walked away. Letting my husband to take his turns to give him a 'man to man' serious discussion.