Apr 11, 2011

Hi all! We are back in Malaysia for two weeks now. A month has passed since the disastrous earthquakes. Reports says that earthquakes and aftershocks still occur in Japan. The radiation problem is not getting any better, in fact it's getting worse. The food and water are polluted with radiation. I sincerely hope the condition will improve...Let's us all pray for them.

Now let me update.

The final few weeks in Japan...
I still had to go to the lab every day...even on our final day in Tokushima. And on that day, we were busy til the very last few minutes, up til the time when we were supposed to catch taxi for the airport. Yup, we were so very occupied with packing and cleaning. Not that we started late. We started packing about two months prior to leaving. Things just kept appearing out of nowhere. The biggest contribution was my Japanese friends who kept showering us with bulky presents. Not that I don't appreciate their thoughts and don't get me wrong, I love all the presents they gave but hmmm, I was not prepared to receive some things like: A big and adorable teddy bear with beautiful built in musical box (for my future baby which is unlikely at the moment, haha), kitchen utensils which I found them amazingly convenient, and huge Bon voyage card that could only fit in our biggest suitcase. We were in big trouble trying to sort all our things inside our luggage bags. Besides, we had already filled up all our home stuffs into 103 boxes and sent them by ship container 10 days prior to our leaving. So last minute presents did give us a lot of headaches. We love them, we would love to keep them but there was just not enough space in our bags to fit all of them. And since there was weight limit to what we could bring to fly back, We had no choice but to rearrange our things and fill them into two big parcels and sent them by sea mail, the very last minute. We were glad that we made that decision because with the Japanese rigidity, we would have been charged for the extra weights cause the total weight of our luggage at the end was 75.5kg and the limit was 25kg per person.

Malaysia at last!
The flight to KL was uneventful, thank God. It took us a few days to adjust to the hot and humid weather of Malaysia. Sya is happy with life in my kampung...bigger house, bigger yard and many cats. He also has two cousins to play with every day. I can see that he's slowly catching up on the Bahasa and English. Sya looks pretty happy whenever we are around. However my mom who's taking care of him is concerned that sometimes he seems sad, not wanting to do anything while we are working. He even refused to watch tv. I guess he must have been too attached to both of us while we were in Japan. We never left him alone at home. Either one of us would be accompanying him everywhere he goes. Maybe he feels lonely without his close friends. Or maybe he is frustrated that he cannot convey his message well due to the language barrier. Whatever it is, we all hope he will soon learn and cope with the difference.

Life here is otherwise great. Malaysia is truly heaven for food. The food variation is amazing. Some of the delicacies did not exist 4 years ago! However I strongly feel that some food are overpriced. The price for one pac of nasi lemak telur can go as high as RM2.50! Memang cekik darah betul.

In a few days time, our car together with 102 boxes will arrive. Oh dear, it's another torture hours of unpacking! I also need to keep in mind that we will be moving to a new home next month...New furnitures, new electical appliances, new curtains...Oh no! I think I should stop thinking now!