Get well soon, Kinny

May 18, 2011

My old cat Kinny is ill. She has aged and weakened a lot recently but it was last weekend that the condition had become worse. She disappeared for 2 days and came back weak and dehydrated. We brought her to our nearest vet and the diagnosis given was: Intoxication. Apparently she is poisoned, possibly with pesticides. She is cachexic, dehydrated, pale and jaundice. Her kidneys and liver are impaired and she also suffers from bilateral conjunctivitis. Well, since my sisters and I are all in medical line, the vet decided to let her go home and advised us to feed her with glucose water and blended food. Not forgetting a string of medication hopefully to reverse her impairments. We have experience with human beings but with animals, it was definitely our first. It is so difficult to force feed a cat who just refuses to drink or eat. We use small syringes to pump in water or medication into her mouth. She does not like that very much. And since she is too weak, she just pees or poo wherever she feels like. Initially we let her loose in the house so that she could walk around in hope that she would feel much better. However, with her current problem, we have decided to put her in a cage. She dislikes that either. At the moment, the most worrisome matter is her eyes. I suspect her eye sight is very much affected by the conjunctivitis. We have applied eye ointment but it has not shown much improvement. She doesn’t sit in her normal position. She sits on her 4 feet, head down, watching the floor. Not her usual pose. We are afraid that she may be depressed.

Looking back, Kinny has been with us for the past 13 years. I brought her back from Japan when I was still doing my undergrad study. She later becomes my daddy’s cat. She has always been the quiet cat. One of her charmed point is that she would sit by her bowl while we prepare her food. She would only eat when everything is served. Not like my other adopted cats who are impatient and would meow continuously. She has always been the princess type of cat.

Now that she’s ill, we are trying hard to make her feel better. At the same time, we hope we are not prolonging her suffering. We are still positive that she would recover fully to that chubby cat we once love so much. Let’s pray for my Kinny~


i amsterdam said...

Sad news indeed since i log in to blogger today, with Angelina missing and all :(

Hope Kinny will get well soon.

uhooi said...

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Nana said...

Dear i amsterdam,
Yeah, it is indeed a sad day. Angie's mother is very much taken aback. I really hope they would find Angelina back. :(

Nana said...

Dear uhooi,
Thanks. I will drop by soon. :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, how you doin'? Regret read about your cat. I guess what with her age and whatever she ate giving her problems.
Hope she recovers soon. Good cat too.
Pity my wife allergic to cats, not leather, ha ha. I love to have a cat too, a Persian one.

You have a pleasant weekend.
Keep well.

Nana said...

Dear Lee,
Hi! Hmm, not too many good news recently. But I am surviving. :) It would be nice to have a persian cat. Elegant and beautiful~ I guess you can only admire from afar. :)
Enjoy your weekend too!

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