Jan 17, 2010

My son is going to be five in 1-month time. My husband and I were a little worried because we haven't seriously thought about his education until lately. Last month, we started him with Mathematics in Kumon-shiki. At the same time, we also started him on piano lessons. Hoping that would help him catch up with Malaysian education system when we go back, which I heard is becoming more and more competitive.

We learned from his homework that he hasn't started on fraction arithmetic. Adding and subtracting is alien to him. So, being the enthusiast here, I gave him an example of addition mathematics: If you had 5 candies and mama later gives you another 3 candies (showing him 5 fingers on the right and 3 fingers on the left), how many would you have now?' I asked. He looked at my fingers, and proudly announced fifty-three. husband who was driving laughed hardly (perhaps also laughed at me for underestimating my son's capability to create a headache for me). I am no expert here, but isn't the sum 8 easier than fifty-three? Then there was another occasion in the car when we were joking about something and I suddenly decided to test him his maths again. This time, I asked, ' If you had 3 candies and mama ate 1 of the many would you have?'. He looked at me and said, 'Mommy, why would you be eating my candies? You are not a kid anymore?'. Huh...why do I feel a tinge of guilt here when my intention was purely teaching him...tsk tsk tsk.

So...the lesson here, I will leave the maths to the wonderful teachers at Kumon instead of giving myself a big headache. ^~^


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