Jan 2, 2010

We're just back from a fabulous 4-day vacation -- a family trip to Nothern Alps Japan.
We are all freshened up! It was such a wonderful trip and we enjoyed it immensely. These are the reasons listed in priority order:

1. It was our first ski trip as a family.
2. The place was in Nagano where it is famous for the powdery snow.

3. We stayed in the best hotel where the service was excellent.

4. hot spring bath -- hearty breakfast -- ski -- good lunch -- ski/walk- - great buffet dinner -- hot spring bath - -sleep.....daily routine for 3 consecutive days.

5. My husband did such a great job to make sure we enjoyed the ski. Thanks abang.

6. My son skis!

7. I can ski a little. Never mind me.

8. We came back safely despite the heavy snow.

We are so grateful that our wish had come true. Alhamdulillah.


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