Jan 18, 2010

Boss is back from Minnesota. And today's Monday so it's our weekly progress report day. Boss seemed excited to be back...a little too excited I thought. Maybe because he's glad to come back to the warm climate of Tokushima compared to that -25 degree celcius when he was in Minnesota. Anyway, the meeting went quite smoothly.

After lunch, around 3pm I finally decided to go up to 5th floor to check and organize the mice, since I was given a new duty to look after Lei's precious mice. Never mind the work...I just have to follow whatever I was told. So...there I was, changing mice cages and cutting ears for genotyping. Ahhh....somehow seemed to be an endless job. Later, one of my colleagues came up to check on his mice too. He saw me and said, 'Boss is looking for you. He wrote {see me}, under your name on the whiteboard.''Oh, oh...I thought. What does he want...? Did I forget to do something he asked?' So there I was, trying to finish everything as soon as possible before the office hour ended. I managed to be downstairs at 5.30pm. He was still in the office. True enough there was 'see me, YT' under my name. Nervously I knocked on his door and went in to greet him. I apologized for not being there when he was looking for me. ( Now I wonder is there a reason to apologize....hmm). Anyway, he looked at me and said, 'How are you? Are you busy? busy busy busy?' I answered, 'Yes...I have to help N2-san to do some small experiment.' He sounded relieved that I was busy. (huh? am I imagining?) He then said, ' These are some pens from Minnesota, do you want them for omiyage?' I smiled at him and said...'sure thank you.'. 'I hope you are productive...', he said finally. I looked at him and smiled without saying anything. Then, there was a pause. I cracked the silence and said, 'Is that all?' He said, 'Yes, that's all'. Inside me...I was laughing perhaps, crying. A mixed emotion indeed. So, let me analyze the whole scenario. He wanted to see me so that he could give the pen personally to me? Or, he wanted to see me so to warn me that I should be productive? Hahaha....

You make the guess.

And by the way...the 2 pens were, 1: ball pen from the airline he flew. 2:Pen from the hotel he stayed. So he didn't actually have to pay a cent for the gifts...^-^
Oh...another piece of info from my colleague, only N1-san, our lecturer and I were given these presents. Sweet? or weirdly funny? ^-^

Whatever you think of him...that's our dear boss. We have to love him anyway.


Anonymous said...

salam, u remember me?, kak ireen (O&G). back fr those times lepaking in houseman hostel in azizah's n khadijah's room. i stumbled upon ur blog fr pakmat. glad i found u again. nice blog n pics u ve here, keep on blogging. i will drop by regularly. :)

Nana said...

Salam...Kak Ireen! Yeah, I remember lepaking with all of you. Wahh...dah lama benar! That was about 9 years ago!! I will never forget. Kat mana sekarang? Kat is doing psy in UM. We contact each other using FB. Would be great if I could add you too...anything contact me at Take care!

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