Vacation diary (Part 3)

Jan 8, 2011

From the hotel entrance, we walked up the stairs to the lobby where we were welcomed by a friendly staff. Since we had already done the check-in, I approached the reception for our room keys. The receptionist passed me the keys and asked me to wait a little while.

Alice in the Wonderland mozaic

So we waited for a while. Not long after that, a cute lady in uniform approached us and asked me whether I need assistance with my big handbag. She introduced herself in fluent English and told us that she would escort us to our room since the map could be a little complicated. I then knew why it took some time for them to arrange people. They were looking for someone who could speak English! That's why. So us, trying to show our appreciation, replied to her in English instead of Japanese. However later during the walk to our room, Sya spoke to us in his fluent Japanese and we couldn't hide it no more since Sya only understood Japanese. She then switched to Japanese instantly. :)

Our room keys and monorail passes. Do note that Sya owned his room key too!

The two heroes led the way...

Beautiful paintings...

Cabinet filled with Disney's characters porcelain

Banquet hall

Elevator with Mickey's and Guffy's voice (link below)

Hidden Mickey...

Sya trying to open the room with his own key...

Our room

Some more hidden Mickey

The staff volunteered to take a family pic of us...We were more than happy!

The room with Mickey and Minnie mouse

Image of Cinderella castle on the head board

Internet access + make up desk

Disney channel for the kids...
'The wardrobe' from Beauty and the beast

Paintings of Beauty and the beast hung up on the wall

Mickey stirer

Our room faces the Disneyland park

Comfy couch

Sya couldn't resist the comfy bed...:)

Nice slippers...
Slippers for junior...

Toilet with washlet, separated from the bathroom

Amenities we can take home for souvenir (stated in the homepage)

Bathroom with Japanese touch (the chair)

Shower from the ceiling...

Sya and his favorite bubble bath

Another hidden Mickey. Sya found it so he insisted a pic...:)

View from our window. The Cinderella castle is visible from here...

The next morning,

We woke up to a wonderful weather, wonderful view...

We had buffet breakfast at Sherwood garden restaurant, booked at 6.30am.

Mickey waffle...a must try!

After breakfast, we prepared for an early check out so that we could enjoy the parks without any worries.

Sya bought a Helium filled Stitch was a hassle to take home.

Only Disneyland hotel's guests can enter the secret garden...

Beautiful garden!

Sya and his popcorn. He stuffed them into his mouth all the time!

Nicely trimmed trees of Disney figures

Disney gift shop

Girls can be transformed into princess of her choice in Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

This Snow white was crying as it was freezing cold out there...:)

A shot with the handsome bellhop before we checked -out.

Thank you for staying with Tokyo Disneyland hotel

How did you like the tour? I truly think it was worth to spend on this hotel for one magical night. At least to me, it is my one and only personal fairy tale life!


TK said...

I really enjoyed the tour dear Nana. Thanks for the tour to Disneyland Tokyo..siap masuk bilik, tgok Sya mandi..hehe..Everything is so good, so cantik, so neat..wish I could be there one day..bawak cucu kot :)

Nana said...

Hi TK!
I dah kat Jepun lama, tapi tak pernah dapat servis camni so jakun sikit. hihihi...But I thought it's good to share with other people. Kot kot ada rezeki nanti, boleh datang dan cuba. Dok semalam pun cukuplah. :). Though the building is very European, the service is very much Japanese. With details that we know only Japanese can produce. Insyaallah panjang umur, bawak cucu datang nanti. Kita terjumpa guests with 3 generations. Atuk dan nenek dah tua pun nampak seronok! It's a world of dream! :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, all I can say is, Holy Smoke! You guys sure travelling 1st class all the way!
And that hotel is breathtakingly beautiful.
I guess its really fun to be there.
And the kids enjoying every minute in luxury.
Have fun, Nana....
I really enjoyed looking thru all the pics as not much chance to be there, ha ha.
Best wishes, Lee.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Nana,
Very exciting but that darned mouse is everywhere. Rasa macam Doraemon pulak....ngeri tengok tikus! purrr....meow!

I amsterdam said...

Hi Nana,

You have given us a wonderful & detailed tour, I can imagine the place now even if I will never go there :D

My fav photo is the one with Sya in the bathroom, it really made me smile :D

Nana said...

Dear Lee!
We decided to go all out this time as we will leave Japan this year. The hotel was breathtakingly beautiful, plus the Japanese service, it was just faultless. Yes, Sya enjoyed it very much. I am glad you liked the tour. I too, not sure whether I will get a chance to visit here again. :)

Nana said...

Hi Cat-in-Sydney,
What to do, this mouse is a good friend of Walt Disney. You just have to bear with it when you come here to Tokyo Disneyland ;) hahaha

Nana said...

Hi I amsterdam!
I am glad you liked the tour. I am trying to keep track of the details so that I can refer to this page when I become senile dementia one day. :)

picture of Sya in the bathroom was a "complementary service". ;)

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