Vacation diary (Part 4)

Jan 10, 2011

We spent our second day at Tokyo Disney Resort, both Disneyland and DisneySea. DisneySea is an independent park that requires us to take monorail from Tokyo Disneyland station. It's two stations away from the Disneyland.

Before we went to DisneySea, we went to Disneyland first. Since we were the guests of Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, we were entitled to enter Tokyo Disneyland 15 minutes earlier. We took this opportunity to ride Sya's favorite ride, the Buzz lightyear's Astro blasters.

After the ride, we walked towards the entrance to take monorail to DisneySea.
On the way, we saw this man with a bicycle piano playing beautiful Disney tunes. Not only he was good, he was very entertaining at the same time. We truly enjoyed his performance.

Thank you for the pose!

At the station, the monorail was scheduled to come in 5 minutes time. So, I pun jalan-jalan dan tengok-tengok.

Beautiful station to match the Victorian style of Tokyo Disneyland hotel

We saw a big crowd at the Disneyland car park. We were wondering why there was a crowd since Disneyland was already opened. These people were queuing for Tokyo Disneyland new year countdown celebration which would not start until 8pm. New year countdown tickets were sold out the instant it was opened for purchase. But why do they have to line up when they already have tickets in their hands? That's because they were aiming for the best spot to view the countdown celebration. I didn't know that!! Crazy but true.

Crowd waiting for 2011 new year countdown since very early in the morning. Or was it last night?

Very cute Minnie attire
Tokyo DisneySea is just 2 stations away

Tokyo DisneySea symbol

Tokyo DisneySea has an overall nautical exploration theme to it. Unlike Tokyo Disneyland, the overall intention was to create a more adult-themed park, including faster, scarier rides and shows designed more for an older audience.

Some of the beautiful buildings with Meditaranean touch...

It's suppose to be romantic too. Do you feel the romance? :)

When we arrived at the Meditaranean harbor, 'Meet and smile' stage show was about to start at the Lido aisle.

Meet and smile: An interactive stage show of Mickey and friends

Ayah took a video of it with Sya on his shoulder. Let's watch his video below!

Video of Meet and smile stage show

We later left the DisneySea for another event which I will mention in another post.

When we came back to DisneySea, we were just on time for another show titled "The legend of Mythica".

'The legend of Mythica' - 25 minutes
The story: The legend of Mythica has been lost for ages, taking place on both the land and waters of Mediterranean Harbor, this impressive show tells the tale of friendship and sorrow between humans and the legendary creatures.

Colorful and entertaining. An excellent show. Fit for adults!

Some clips of the show taken by my hubby (with assistant's voice sometimes...please bear with it!)

On the way to our next destination, we saw a beautiful garden with tulips. But it's in the middle of winter!

Our next destination: The mermaid lagoon
This under-the-sea playground features the world of Ariel, from Disney's The Little Mermaid. Here children can play amongst Ariel and her companions in their wonderful and fantastic world filled with surprises and fun-filled attractions, including a dazzling live entertainment show.

The Mermaid lagoon

The statue of Ariel

The Mermaid lagoon is one of my favorite themed land

Why? Because I find the decoration unique...

And the rides are easy going too

Besides, the theater was just awesome (above two pictures were googled images. See, I loved it so much that I forgot to take pictures! It shows how much I had enjoyed myself!)

Sya and ayah were not interested in the theater, so they spent their time here at Ariel's playground. Sya had a blast!

And very wet, in the middle of cold winter!!

Watch the video below and you'll know why he got wet (cause I was not there to witness and tell) hahaha...

Did he avoid the water splash or simply wanting to get wet? Aiyaa...

Our next destination was Arabian coast.
The place was really beautiful. But due to the shortage of time, we didn't take too many pictures. Also we were rushing for another show called Magic lamp 3D theater, which is our favorite show!

Images of characters who appear in Aladdin

An attraction called Caravan carousel

Love the street lamps...

At the magic lamp theater

It was already dark when we got out from the theater

The Mermaid lagoon was a beautiful sight at night

There were many small stalls selling attractive shiny Disney goods. Now, can any kid resist those? It would be nice if this were pasar malam. But this is Disneyland. A simple gadget with fluorescence that cost RM10 at most in pasar malam cost us 10x the price...sigh!

At Meditaranean harbor with volcano that erupts every few minutes.

Hotel Miracosta is a hotel in DisneySea. It's one of the three Disney hotels.

DisneySea symbol at night

The crowd at the entrance, waiting for the entrance to open at 8pm for 2011 new year countdown

DisneySea closed at 6pm that day. They had to get ready for DisneySea new year countdown. We went back early to have a longer rest. Also hoping that we would be able to wake up before 2 am tomorrow as both the parks were scheduled to open at 2am in the morning on the new year day.

Let's see whether our plan worked in the next post.


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Nana,
DisneySea sounds swell but didn't see much edible sea creatures....well, at least the "mouse" isn't everywhere...unlike the other park. purrrr....meow!

The Bubur Caca Lover said...

Adi: Count yourself lucky that u forgot to snap pictures in the Mermaid Lagoon's theater. Or else, u would have been reprimanded, there and then. Like what happened to us during our first visit there LOL

TK said...

Wah bestnya...I rasa macam ada kat sana cuma I dont understand Japanese.Kalau faham lagi best kan.. Pandai la Sya record..I can imagine how excited Sya was. He is a lucky boy!

I amsterdam said...

Ha..ha.. seronok tengok Sya, sengaja nak basahkan diri kut :D Tapi tak pulak dia sejuk!! Relak je tak pakai jeket. Berapa suhu kat sana tu..

Nana said...

Dear Cat-in-Sydney,
Some people had reviewed and said DisneySea is one of the best Theme park in the world. With its totally different atmosphere from Tokyo Disneyland, many would compare and prefers either one or both of them. You are right, not many sea creatures can be seen. Ah, but there was Ariel the mermaid, but she's half human. hihihi..

Nana said...

Dear Maz,
Wah, I was very lucky!! Really that strict ya. Actually at the end of the Cirque du Soleil show, I took some pictures. They had announced in English repeatedly that flash photos are prohibited. So taking it literally, I took photos without flash. Tapi kena sound juga. If they don't like people taking photos, they should have just said, no photography allowed or photo taking is prohibited.

Nana said...

Dear TK,
Hehe...Tokyo Disneyland/DisneySea kebanyakannya dalam bahasa Jepun. Tapi instructions dalam bahasa English. No problem.
Hahaha...sebenarnya yang ambik video tu ayahnya. Tapi sebab Sya tak nampak so dia duduk kat bahu ayahnya. Dan ayahnya pulak ambik video dari atas sebab ada ramai orang kat depan. So nampak macam Sya yang ambik kan? I pun baru perasan. :) Angle effect! hehehe

Nana said...

Dear I amsterdam,
Rasanya ya lah. Sebab orang lain mengelak air, dia pergi meredah air. hehehe. Bila I balik dari Theater show, terkejut tengok Sya basah kuyup. Ayahnya gelak jer la. Nasib baik bawa baju/seluar/kasut spare (ayah dia dah agak dia akan main air, so memang bawa extra clothes). As for the temperature, about 10 degree celcius. Nasib baik tak sejuk sangat. :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, love the pics here and your eloquent narrative.
I would love see that adult their colourful costumes.
I guess it must take at least few days to cover everything?
Lots of walking too.
And enjoying the food.

Can see from your pics its really fun too.
Maybe one day might go visit one.
Have fun and keep well, Lee.

Nana said...

Dear Lee,
Thank you for your lovely compliment.
You will love the show. It was impressive.
I had only managed to cover half of the park that day. To me, I need at least three to four days to cover both Disneyland and DisneySea. Unless, if one would just want to take the rides, one day for each park would be enough. And yes, I did a lot of walking. But it really depends on the person too. you can do it at your own pace, pick and choose what you want to see or ride. This park is built for comfort too. Lots of benches to lazy around and just watch the people and enjoy the environment. You will enjoy it!
Take care!

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