Vacation diary (Part 6)

Jan 17, 2011

We had the opportunity to watch ZED at the Cirque du Soleil theater on our first day at Disney Resort.

ZED advertisement at Ikspiari

The circus-like building of Cirque du Soleil theater

ZED tickets, we obtained them for half the price. A special discount for Tokyo Disneyland hotel's guests

The theater entrance

Cirque du Soleil (English: Circus of the sun) is a Canadian entertainment company, self described as a "dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment." It is based in Montreal, Canada.

There are many Cirque du Soleil shows all over the world. For example KA, a permanent show at MGM Grand Las Vegas; La Nouba, a permanent show at Walt Disney world Florida; and Iris, a permanent show at Kodak Theater in NY.

is a residency show of Cirque du Soleil at the Tokyo Disney Resort that opened on October 1, 2008. Film director Francois Girand creates a show surrounded by the titular character, drawn on the Tarot and its arcana that holds up a mirror to ourselves and the human condition through a variety of other characters as he unites the divisions between the people of the sky and Earth.

A few shots of the starting and ending of the story ( no flash photos were allowed during the show)

The 90-minute show passed so quickly. The show was just simply outstanding.
There were so many fantastic things about this show. The acts were impressive
which layered with complex staging and choreography, beautiful live music and
group of more than 50artists. The costumes were stunning and the custom built
theater was spectacular.

I would recommend this to anyone out there. Do not hesitate
to grab a ticket when
you come visit Tokyo one day. I can guarantee you that it's well worth the money!

For more story on ZED...


Anonymous said...

Dear Nana,
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful vacation diary. As I read them, I kept thinking "Nana's son would really treasure this when he grows up". And I am sure he'll enjoy reading and re-reading it in the years ahead.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Nana,
Cirque du Soleil also has frequent shows in Sydney....but they don't let cats in. Hey...we may compete with the performers in showing off acrobatic talents.. purrr....meow!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, wow! You seen that circus? We here even in Toronto only seen on TV. The tickets costs a lot too.
I guess your kids must be really thrilled to see the high flying acts.
Never knew they have that at Disneyland?

Love your pics. Well taken and the colours are so vivid. Nothing like an DSLR
especially for those long range shots.
I will miss my retired film SLR, but now find my new camera very convenient, never leave home without it, ha ha.
And having fun surprising my friends with their pics projected on the ceiling or wall.
Have fun and keep well. Lee.

Nana said...

Dear Andrea,
Thanks for the warm compliment. By leaving some memos on our lives here, I hope he would be able to see how lucky he is that he's had the opportunity to experience things that some people don't get to do in their lives. It's also for our benefit too. In case we get senile dementia early. Hihihi...

Nana said...

Dear Cat in Sydney,
Ahhh...I think they don't allow any animals at all!
Since it was a circus, I was hoping to see some animals with talents. I am sure you would be the center of attention if you were one of them. Aha...that's why you are not allowed there! hahaha

Nana said...

Dear Lee,
Yeah, we had the opportunity to watch it. We were so thrilled!!! We were lucky to only have paid half of the price too! Yes Lee, they have permanent show in Tokyo Disney Resort. We have been wanting to watch it since they started in 2008 and at last, we did! My son was entertained with the pierrot clowns! They were so funny. Haha...and not forgetting the stunts. It was just oustanding!
About your SLR cameras, don't let go of it! People in Japan are using film SLR as a hobby now. Taking pictures using DSLR is beautiful, yes. But it's more fun to use the film ones cause you won't know until the pictures are produced. That's the fun people are looking for now!! Luxury hobby if I may say...:)

TK said...

Wah bestnya to watch such a fantastic showkan..In 2008, my husband asked me to decide nak holiday kat Jepun ke Korea. I chose to go to Seoul (sebab suka tgok movie korea punya pasal) and we went to Everland (ala2 Disneyland) in Korea. Masa tu tak kenal you and your blog..Kalau tak, selamat dah I ke Jepun and we would go to Tokyo and Disneyland.. hehe.

My Putri said...

cute baby pics of Sya thr..:)

Nana said...

Dear TK,
It was enjoyable. Jangan lepaskan peluang bila dapat datang nanti ya. Cirque du soleil lain dari circus biasa. The artists were all top class!
Oh, bestnya pergi Korea! Korea pun seronok juga kan? tahun 2008 I takde blog lagi. hihihi...
Takpe, lepas ni boleh plan datang Jepun pulak ya. I know you will love it!!

Nana said...

Dear Sofea,
Thanks! Haha...going on a nostalgic land. ;)
He's going to be six next months and I can't believe how time flies. :)

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