Birthday celebration at USJ

Feb 13, 2011

Sya's 6th birthday celebration this year was celebrated at Universal Studio Japan. We had been there a few times already so our trip this time was slow and steady, no rushing. We also let Sya decide the place he wanted to go. Birthday celebration in USJ is quite cool because the staffs and characters would approach the birthday girl/boy and wish them Happy birthday. Sya definitely had a great time, especially with auntie Ad who later joined us at USJ!

Excited Sya...

The birthday boy was required to have the sticker visible.

A few shots with popular characters.

Shrek and Sesame street 4D show.

Looks familiar? The sesame street!

Woody wood pecker "Eternal wish".

Kids get to paint and play in here

The view inside the USJ is pretty much similar to Universal studio Hollywood and Universal studio Singapore. However, Singapore being the latest Universal studio has the latest attractions like Madagascar.

Monsters Rock and Roll live show. Very entertaining!

We took a break and decided to have churros. While eating, Sya was greeted by a friendly staff and was given some nice stickers of his choice. It must be fun to be the center of attraction. :)

Sya's next choice, Snoopy studios. It was Sya's favorite hang out place. His favorite character is Charlie, not Snoopy!

The Snoopy Playland

Charlie and Sya holding hands. :)
Hold on, Sya is so much taller than Charlie!! He was shorted than Charlie 4 years ago...

Sya, 4 years ago at the age of 2+

Why he loves Charlie so much? Because both of them share the same interest. BASEBALL!

Look how happy he is with Charlie...

Someone needs Psychiatric help here...:)

Enjoying the piano with Auntie Ad

We had our lunch at Mel's drive in. A casual dining restaurant.

Nice car!

Afer lunch, we watched The Hello Kitty show which the stage was located not far from the restaurant.

Anyone a fan of Hello Kitty? Then you'll have to come to Japan. It is only available here!

We next rushed to watch our favorite show, Waterworld.

Fun and exciting!

Next, playing games along the road...

Do you think it's possible to knock down all three blocks with a sponge ball? :)

A shot with the jaws

The stormtroopers

We love the pink panther cafe

Hello Kitty store!

Don't you think she is adorable?

I know you love Hello Kitty, but I have to do this? This is girls' stuffs...

The amazing spiderman

A shot with Sya's favorite character

We left the USJ and headed to Hotel Kintetsu Universal City for check-in. Hotel Kintetsu is just 1 minute walk from USJ. Not only that, it is famous for its beautiful night view of the park.

USJ store at the hotel

Room 2023, park view

The cute amenities

The breathtaking night view of USJ!

After checking in, we went jalan-jalan at the Citywalk. We always have a meal at our favorite takoyaki shop whenever we come to USJ.

Takoyaki museum, where many famous takoyaki stalls are located.

The best takoyaki for us has to be Juuhachi ban 十八番

Exhibiting their takoyaki utensils

Yummylicious Takoyaki with three different tastes

Delicious and low fat frozen yogurt after dinner

Sya's favorite "Popcorn Papa"...we love it too!

When the lights were off later at night...this was how the park look like!


And it's time for good night and thanks for coming!





Anonymous said...

Nana: Jangan beritahu kat orang lain ok.. I have a confession. I LOVE HELLO KITTY! I carry a Hello Kitty good luck charm deep in my handbag at all times and when the pink fairy is not around, I put on my Hello Kitty jammies to sleep. Heh heh.

Ruben Viramontes said...

I was checking out a few Disney blogs because I used to work as an Artist for Disney. I thought you might want to see my snoopy creation!

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Nana,
Pawesome! At least this one doesn't have that little mouse everywhere. Hmmm...someone should market Hello Angelina instead! Aiyo! Where got pink cat? purrr....meow!

psst....Andrea....I know your secret now!

The Bubur Caca Lover said...

Adi: Sya is one lucky boy! New Year kat Disney Resort, birthday kat USJ...
BTW the Hello Kitty show looks awesome! Is it new to USJ? I must have missed it...

TK said...

Both my doter and I love Hello Kitty like crazee..
Just las week my doter beli Hello Kitty toy. I don mind buying for her sebab I pun suka..hehe. Kat Isetan ada satu bahagian jual hello kitty stuffs tapi mahal wei..!!

Nana said...

Dear Andrea,
So you love Hello Kitty too!'s quite alright to show your affection! Here in Japan, even the mature women love Hello Kitty. And what's wrong with Hello Kitty's jammies! They are cute, I bet pink fairy would love you more seeing u wear Hello Kitty! ;)

Nana said...

Dear Ruben,
Your Snoopy is awesome! Thanks for dropping by!

Nana said...

Dear Cat-in-Sydney,
Hello Angie sounds great! But but, I still love Hello kitty's look! I GERAM tengok barang2 Hello Kitty tau. She is so adorable!

Nana said...

Dear Maz,
To tell you the truth, because it's our final year here we came out with a wish list...where to go and what to buy and etc. Disney and USJ were top on the list. So, we pretty much have fulfilled our wish this year. :)
The Hello Kitty show started March last year. It was so cute! We took some video but since we had to rush to the next show we didn't finish watching it. Below is a video I found. Enjoy~

Nana said...

Dear TK,
If I had a daughter, I would have bought all the Hello Kitty stuff for her! I don't mind at all! And believe it or not, my hubby took a basket full of Hello kitty stuff and said, "For future daughter!" Ada ke?? So, it seems not only girls find it cute, my hubby also found it irresistible too! Of course I tak beli. The price, gosh...unbelievably expensive! I will buy them when I have a daughter. :)

i amsterdam said...

Happy birthday Sya. May Allah bless you always!!! The night view is really awesome!!

Nana said...

Dear i amsterdam,
Thank you auntie! Amin~ (On behalf of Sya)
We love that night view too! I am glad I chose a park view room. :)

Cieri said...

I love love love USJ been there for erm..*jap nak bilang* 4 times already. the last time I went there was during my 24th birthday~ ^^
trivia fact of mine; I love Hello Kitty! I have HK bags with 2 of them are from Hard Rock limited edition collections,one from Ireland,Tees,shoes,charms,and even my new futon covers too~ cant wait for the new sem starts so that I can use the new covers~ I have HK in my cars which made guys feel a lil bit uneasy to drive it teeheehee~
My friends once told me that it was easy to buy presents for me. you just get anything pink and HK,then I will be super happy~ ^o^

anyway~happy birthday syafiq~

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