Chinese new year, a Japanese funeral and a damn good news!

Feb 4, 2011

Happy Chinese New year to all my Chinese friends! May the year of rabbit brings us good health, good luck and prosperity!

Sorry for the long silence. I have been really busy. Busy busy busy.

It started on the 22nd of January when I received an e-mail from the journal editor regarding my paper publication. I was required to do a minor revision in order to be accepted. A lot of brain screwing needed to be done. My prof and I had a long discussion and we came with an almost perfect text to answer to all the reviewers. We sent it off on the 28th of January.

We could have sent it earlier but my dear prof had an injury on the 23rd of January which required a surgery so he was absent for one day. Now let me tell you about my prof. He's a dedicated scientist. And a great one too. A respectable Immunologist. He got injured on a Sunday (apparently he hurt his back). Thorough check-up was done the next day, Monday and he was scheduled for an operation the next day. So, he was absent for one day right? Which day did he not come? The day of the check-up or the operation day? Well, apparently he was in terrible constant pain on Monday that he had to miss work. After the operation on the Tuesday morning, he dragged his body to the office that afternoon! And I was called to his office a few hours later for paper discussion! He was in pain! I could see that in his face. Salute! I know Japanese are hard workers but I have not seen one like him before. He just loves his work too much. Now shame on those who fakes their medical condition just for a 2-day MCs!! You should be ashamed!

Luckily we sent off the reply on the 28th of January. Because a few days later, the professor's wife who is one of our colleagues, had just lost her father. She was the only daughter so she and Prof had to arrange the funeral. Japanese funeral is one complicated event. I had never attended one before until then. So Prof had to skip work for a few days. The funeral was scheduled on the 2nd of February. The whole lab attended the ceremony. It was on the Chinese new year eve.

Yesterday the 3rd of February, I switched on the computer as I arrived at the lab. There was an e-mail forwarded from my prof that says, "XXX, congratulations! Your paper has just been accepted...".

I am so happy! That was the best Chinese new year present for me! One hurdle is gone. One step nearer to graduation. But before that, a lot has to be done in so little time. Ganbarimasu~


i amsterdam said...

Congratulations on the publication !!! Bila graduation??

Your supervisor is such a dedicated person. Dlm sakit2 & surgery pun datang juga... dah la tu back surgery pula.. cam mana dia berjalan!!!

Nana said...

Dear i amsterdam,
Thank you so much! Well, if everything goes well, the graduation day is on the 23rd of March! :)
Oh yes, he is very dedicated. He sleeps for a few hours only (mind you he's already 51 years old). He is always with his lap top. He checks e-mail constantly. Sometimes I sent him e-mail around 8pm, the next morning when I open my mail...his mail would be dated yesterday at 10pm or 11pm...Or sometimes 2 am the next day. So how many hours he sleeps? Aiyaa...I don't know. That's one of the reasons why he's a big scientist. Because he works very very hard for it.

Cheqna said...


CONGRATULATIONS! Hope you'll continue to do well for the rest of your studies.

Such dedication of your Prof.. I need to re-train myself to do well in everything.

Condolences to his family.

Nana said...

Dear Cheqna,

Thank you very much. Yeah, he is a dedicated. I guess we can try to be like him but not everyone can be him. We will have to think about our health too. If you think your body can't take it, don't push too much! That's a sign for u to stop. I have stopped trying to be like him. I believe I have my own way of doing is altered to suit me! :)

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