Final sankanbi

Feb 6, 2011

Yesterday was Sya's Sankanbi. Parents get to have a glimpse of the routines at the nursery during the Sankanbi day. At Sya's age, he and his friends will be going to primary school in April this year. So, parents are quite anxious and would like to see if their children are prepared for school soon.

Before the activity started, I had a look at the room.

The kids' drawings of mame maki (bean throwing) ceremony

Pictures of an activity called omiseyasan done a few days ago where they were assigned to open shops/restaurants with fake merchandises handmade by them. :)

The activity started at 10am sharp. The kids were given a few tasks to complete. They were divided into three groups. The teacher gave a few topics and asked them to discuss. So here they are...

1. Discussion
The kids were separated into three groups and was given a theme to discuss.

The leader was required to present after the discussion

2. Writing and presentation skills.

Each of them were required to write and present about their favorite topics

Where's Sya's picture of the presentation? Aiyoo...his presentation was less than 5 seconds!! Mama dia tak sempat nak fokus dan ambik gambar pun!!! Anyway, this was his writing...

Translation: Mama is kind... Sya (what? nak nangis pun ada, nak ketawa pun ada...)

3. Social skill.
They presented a dance together...

Then it was their playing time...

It was nice to see the progress of Sya. Though he might not be the excellent one in the group, I am simply grateful with the fact that he's doing alright so far. Boys are still boys. Play is still his first priority I must say. I'll let him be what he is at the moment before tons of homework and tons of activities awaits him in the near future.


i amsterdam said...

To me it doesn't matter if they are not the best... so long as they have the right attitude towards learning and I wish that the kids will be able to enjoy their school life esp in primary school without the burdens of exam.

Pandai Sya tulis dlm bahasa jepun :D

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Sya is so cute...Mama is kind, indeed. purrr....meow!

TK said...

Kecik2 dah buat presentation kan.I dulu kat U baru buat presentation.It teaches the kids to be confident dari kecik2 lagi.
For a child..mama is everything. So sweet of him to talk about you.

Sedaplah lagu Jepun ni..I loike!!

Nana said...

Dear i amsterdam,
Yes, I agree. In Japan, most of the primary schools are without burden exams now. But we can't afford to do that in Malaysia. The competition is really tough. I hope Sya will be able to cope...A little worried but we are not pushing too much. :)

Nana said...

Dear Cat-in-Sydney,
Every mama is kind...kan?
I am sure you are blessed with one too! :)

Nana said...

Dear TK,
Yes, buat presentation dari kecik will build up the kid's confidence. Actually, my mom pushed me to join speech contest when I was in primary school. But that is still not enough, because I am sure I still have stage fright every time I go up the stage! :)

Anonymous said...

Uhmmm.. these Japanese are so systematic. I remembered when the pink fairy first went to big school. We were awfully worried if she could handle it. But kids are really adaptable. Within hours, they are already making friends. Sya will do fine. And his handwriting--- so cute and neat... geram!

Nana said...

Dear Andrea,
Thanks Andrea. I hope he will be able to adapt. Yes, the Japanese are systematic. And you can see that the kids are trained at this age to obey the system. But one thing I don't like about this system is that it supports the people as a team. Individuality or uniqueness may bring them headache. If you don't obey the system then you are an outcast! Can be quite cruel sometimes. :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, its really nice to see all that and really very impressive your kids all very fluent in Japanese, you too.
Do you speak to them Japanese at home or champor Malay, English...?
I guess the education in Japan is very much different to other schools too.
Have a happy rabbit year.
Best regards, Lee.

Cheqna said...


"mama is kind" touching..

Its good too see them being trusted to do such activities to boost their confidence eh?

May he grows to be a successful person..amiin.


The Bubur Caca Lover said...

Adi, cam sedih plak bila baca tajuk you entry ni...

His fav topic is his mama? Wow! You must have been flattered... I know I would~
And, I envy his neat handwriting. Mine macam cakar ayam. Hahaha~

Nana said...

Dear Lee,
We speak Japanese + Malay at home. Unfortunately English is not taught yet! He stopped learning English after he had mastered ABCs cause he thought he had known everything about English by just ABCs. Hahaha
Yeah, we will miss the education system here. It's quite lay back. And the kids seem to enjoy it too!
Wishing you a happy happy rabbit new year!

Nana said...

Dear Cheqna,
Thank you for your wish. Amin~
Aiyaa...Out of all topics! hehehe...
But I wished he would elaborate a little bit more. Cause mama would have been able to snap a pic then! :)

Nana said...

Dear Maz,
Sebenarnya sedih juga. Knowing that he'll miss all this, especially his close friends when we go back. But I guess he'll just have to adapt to the situation. Kids are known to be good at it.
Haha, a little flattered. Because later he passed that piece of paper to me and hugged me! A little teary...;)
His writing...unstable still. Kadang2 ok, kadang macam cakar ayam. I am sure yours are better la! :)

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