What a hectic day!

Dec 23, 2009

So boss is back. Ohh no! During the weekly progress report on Monday, he bombarded my colleague and criticized the girl to tears and said ' Up till now, I can tell you your research is junk and it is way below the lab's standard'. Tsk tsk... how did he manage to get those words out from his mouth! So, since he had been away for almost 2 weeks, he wanted to have a meeting with everyone.

Yeah...so my meeting was at 10.30am today. I knew he would want to see some pioneer experiments I am currently doing and would 'expect' to see some improvement there. So, we talked and discussed for more than 1 hour, plus a few trips back to my desk looking for data that he suddenly requested for. To be honest, I am beginning to like talking science with him because he is sharp, brilliant and darn smart! He patted me on my shoulder and ended the meeting peacefully ( I think he probably meant, you did a decent job...work harder! haha)

I was supposed to feel quite relieved after the meeting. But no, the reality struck me. Why? Because, my good friend, Lei will be gone tomorrow. My neighbor friend will be gone. No more friend to talk to. Sob sob... The desk would be vacant until someone new comes. No one to share the joy and tears everyday. No one to support me emotionally. I am left alone. From so many foreigners friends, now it is down to only me and another Mongolian friend. In 2006, it was Liu who first left, in 2007 was Li, then this year was Dil and Lei. All did well and graduated with flying colors. I am so proud of them.

When Lei leaves, I will be the most senior one. Sigh...that's a big big pressure. I will have to start acting like one. Oh no...I am so not ready. I don't think I am compatible. Not yet.

At 16.30, I was called for another meeting. This time to accompany Lei, as Prof would want her to hand down her project to me officially. She has done an excellent job all this while and now, it is I who will have to complete the bits and pieces. I hope I will not disappoint them.

Looking back, Lei and I had been arranged to sit in the same room for the past 3 years. When Li left, I sat side by side with her for more than 2 years. Just imagine...in average, we spent about 12 hours together everyday. Even our bench was just 2 meters away. We talked about almost everything. About our family, about our past, our childhood, our thoughts and opinions. I don't think I have ever talked so much in my life. Not even with my siblings. So, the bond is there. She is like my little sister ...though she might prefer me to address her as senior (師姐) haha....

For the past few weeks, she had been telling me that she felt confused. She had been looking forward to reunite with her loving husband and family but now she actually felt sad having to leave this lab. She would definitely miss Prof, all the friends and colleagues. Ahh... I am beginning to understand that feeling and maybe I will feel the same way too when I leave.

One thing for sure...Lei's big worry is gone. She graduated with dignity and she would make her mentor proud (Liu, who unfortunately passed away 2 years ago). Though she will have to start a new life, looking for a new job...she should be very happy now that she can start living a normal married life and 'probably' start preparing for a baby soon. 加油 and all the best, Lei!


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