While the cat's away...

Dec 17, 2009

Boss had been away this week. Our lecturer N-san had earlier planned for a small celebration party for Lei today. Specifically today because we knew of boss's schedule earlier. Thanks to our sporting secretary. For your info, Lei is our lab mate and my closest friend who has just graduated not long ago. She will be leaving for China next week. Sob sob...

Anyway, we were all looking forward to this party. My surgeon friend had made sure that the conference room in surgical department would be vacant today. Why surgery department? Why can't we do it at our conference room? Curious to know why? It is because we have managed to get the latest information from our secretary that our big boss would be back from Boston tonight at 8pm. There is a possibility that he pops in our lab. We would be slashed if he knew about this. That's why.

I had volunteered to cook nasi beriani, acar and chicken rendang for this occasion. However, my colleagues came to me yesterday and said in excitement,' I am so looking forward to try your curry!' Huh? Curry? I didn't know who changed the menu and spread the news about curry ...in order not to disappoint them, I will be cooking curry instead.

We had a small round table discussion about this party after the journal club yesterday. Everything was nicely planned. However the organizer, N-san looked somehow different. Ohh...maybe because he was wearing mask. Hmm...? Wait, he never wears mask unless he is doing experiment. This is fishy. So I asked him and he said he had fever and sore throat. It's nothing he said. My nutrition friend and I looked at each other. Clearly we were thinking of the same thing. We quickly urged him to go to hospital stat to get diagnosis.

Not long after, he e-mailed us...' It's Influenza type A...I have high grade fever and feels chilly. I will go back home and sleep. As for tomorrow, do enjoy on my behalf as I should be quarantined at home'. Yeah...so the organizer who was so enthusiastic about this party will not be joining us tonight. Perhaps what's worse is that, we were in close contact with him yesterday. So, do check and see whether within the next 10 days, I will be writing about me getting Influenza. hehehe.

So..,while the cat's away, the mouse will play. In our case, it is very true...with the exception to the sick mouse. Poor thing. Get well soon!


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