It's Christmas!

Dec 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to my Christian friends! It's Christmas today but it is not a public holiday here in Japan. So, here I am still working my butt out.

Oh...we somehow celebrated the Christmas eve yesterday by eating 'Strawberry cake'...which again is a Japanese thing. We are not Christians...we are Muslims by the way...we had no intention to celebrate Christmas but my son told me that everyone in his nursery would be eating Christmas cake on Christmas he would want the same too. Ahh...this is the Japanese strategy in making business! Mind you, most of the Japanese do not believe in any religion but they celebrate Christmas just for the sake of celebration. For them, Christmas has no religion element. It's for them to enjoy the atmosphere, gifts and most important of all, eat that Christmas cake. the way, the Christmas cake in Japan is not rich fruitcake, like what we see in any other country...they are simply sponge cake, frosted with whipped cream often decorated with strawberries hence it is called strawberry cake in Japan. Kids just love them!

My son received a Christmas present. He was happily unwrapping his present and played with his toy until later he asked me..'Mama, Santa bought this present from Yamada denki Toy shop. Look, I recognize the wrapping paper mama!' He announced proudly. Hahaha...I was speechless! Should I have said that Santa made the present himself? How do I explain the wrapping paper? So...the lesson is, wrap your own Christmas present and make sure there is no label or whatsoever. You won't know how observant they can be. That is if you want them to believe in Santa for another 3 to 4 years to come!


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