An excursion

Apr 27, 2010

We had a yearly outing organized by my son’s nursery. It is called Ensoku(遠足) in Japanese which literally means, school excursion. We had to be there before 10am…stated in the leaflet distributed by the nursery teacher. Knowing the Japanese who are always punctual, we were there 10 minutes earlier. And yet we were among the few who arrived last. Tsk tsk tsk...After listening to the headmaster’s speech, we all walked in twos and marched away to our destination, the Shiinomiya shrine.

Shiinomiya shrine is famous for a type of flowery plant called Rhodondendron. And the main purpose for this outing was to create opportunity for the children to spend some time with family members during this lovely season. The Japanese are so always occupied with their work and sometimes forget to ‘layan anak’. They don’t get much time to spend with the kids. So I think it’s good for the nursery to organize such occasion for the sake of the children.

Once we arrived at the shrine, we were free to have lunch bento and later participated in some activities organized by the teachers. As you can see below, the kids really enjoyed the activity so much. So much that my son was actually reluctant to go back when it was time for everyone to leave.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, enjoyed reading and looking at your well taken pics here.
I bet your family speak Japanese very fluently by now.
I have always loved Japan, its culture, people, not the food though, ha ha.
But the coffee there is in the heart attack price.
You have a nice day, Sayonara, Lee.

Nana said...

Thanks Uncle Lee for dropping by.
Yeah, we can speak Japanese...just so so la :)
Japan is a lovely country Uncle Lee. Do come here and visit when you have the contact me if you want any info ok. might want to think twice when ordering ice coffee here in Japan...But no doubt it's tastier here!

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