Unacomplished mission

Apr 23, 2010

Never thought I would ever experience 'flight canceled' phenomena... Yeah, I was one of them who suffered from the Iceland volcano eruption. Knowing about the volcano, I was being extra careful that morning and checked the KLM website before I left for the airport. However the status of the flight was stated unknown. So, to be on the safe side, I went to the Kansai airport.

As I reached the airport, I quickly looked on the board and to my dismay, my flight was canceled. So, there I was, in despair...looked for the counter and queued up, together with other passengers who suffered the same problem. After like 30-min wait, I was expecting some explanation when I finally reached the counter. Instead, I was given a piece of paper indicating the airline hot line. Not much extra info was given. I was disappointed.

Then I remembered I should have informed my prof and the people in Birmingham. I wrote them an e- mail mentioning that my flight was canceled. As soon as I clicked the 'send' button. my mobile rang...huh? It was my dear boss! 'Adi! What happened?' I was pretty sure the mail was not sent when he called. Must be the psychic thing my prof had...I thought. I laughed and said, 'Yeah...my flight was canceled when I reached the airport. So I am thinking whether I should just head home.' He laughed and thought for a while, 'Yeah...I think you should just come home. There isn't much you can do there...Oh, I just received your e-mailed. Yeah...why don't you come home. Maybe you'll get a flight there tomorrow or the day after...' He being the usual optimistic. 'Ok, I will update you later...', I said.

I did go home after that... but not after a few hours later. After a hearty breakfast at the starbuck, window shopping at the Rinku outlet shop and Takoyaki treat for lunch to compensate my frustration! Not forgetting, a nice surprise at Coach boutique where I bought 2 coach bags with 70% and 50% off respectively. Found a nice jacket and trousers for my son at Osh Kosh. So looking at the bright side...all in all....not bad after all!


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