Trip to UK

Apr 3, 2010

I have been really busy for the past 3 months...
My experiment is not going too smoothly. Lot's of money spent but no good conclusion on my project. So my boss is not very happy with my progress.
Meeting him is like meeting a monster. Trying to avoid him in any possible way. Still, that's not likely because he would request a weekly meeting with me lately.

Boss went to Oz for a conference in the middle of last month.
When he came back, he called me to his office.
'So, how's your project going?'
'Not so good. I am still struggling with the technical part'
'Ok. You have been spending some time on this project. Time is running out. How do you think if I send you to UK? I talked to the professor who invented the method during my visit to Oz and he was more than happy to accept your visit to his lab if you are interested.'
'Huh? When?', I was obviously shocked.
'As soon as possible. With full expense supported by me.'
'Of course I am interested.' I couldn't hide my excitement.
'Good, I will tell him that you are interested and we'll arrange the trip'
So, suddenly...I am going for a trip to UK in 2 weeks time.
It may sound too good. But I have to keep in mind that there should be an improvement when I get back. If not, only God knows what kind of situation I will be in...
Life can be unpredictable...hopefully there is a solution to my problem.
Wish me all the best!


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