Jun 22, 2010

My mum has just come back from Taiwan, her hometown.
Well, I had informed her of the offer to UK briefly when she was still in Taiwan and she requested me to hold the decision making until she goes back and discuss with my father. So last night I had a conversation with her.

Me: 'How was your trip mum? How are a-po and all our aunties and uncles?'
Mum: 'Ohh...they are fine. We had a great time. But I am a little tired. Too much traveling. People here invite me to stay, people there invite me to come to their house. Eat here, eat there. I am getting fat la...' But she sounded very happy.
Me:' About my offer, what do you think mum?'
Mum:' To tell you the truth, you should come back. Enough of oversea life la. Your pay here is so good already. What else do you want? Also I missed my grandson. How's his education? He has to learn Chinese too. I have made plans to give him intensive and extensive course in Chinese language. Just like all my kids. Now I know my education method is good. Look at you and your siblings. So just come back la.'I knew this was coming from the way she shoved me when she was still in Taiwan.
Me: 'OK OK.... I will ask my prof what the offer is like. If the pay is not good, I will not take it. I will make sure I benefit from this. Don't worry, I will come back and discuss with you. By the way, what does papa thinks?
Mum: 'Aiyoo, your papa ah. Huh he said good. Everything you say is good. Aiyaa. He said you will be learning more. You will be able to bring back good for the country. Harumkan nama Malaysia. Aiyaa you and your patriotic father are just same la...'
Me:' It's true ma... I will be trying to do good research and publish good paper. It's good promotion for the country...'
Mum:' Aiyaa...whatever you come back first la...'
Me: 'Ok, Ok...I will see what they can offer before we go through the same discussion. Will talk to you later ok mum...Bye'
Mum: ' Ok ok...send my love to your hubby and my grandson'

So...clearly my mum is against this. So, I have to make sure what they offer is worth every penny. At least, I have something positive for my mum to see and agree with my decision. I need mummy's blessing. I always have and are planning to do so...


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, I'm with your dad. Go for it.
Right now I have a young lady friend, she left her 2 very young kids at home with her parents, she is o/seas doing her P.hd.
She got her Masters 2 years ago....

I believe if you can, do it.
Otherwise, Maybe 20 years from now you might sit back and smack your head, 'cheh! Why didn't I do it'?
Besides, what you learn, from o/seas is invaluable and any country will grab you should you decide one day to work in a cold climate country, ha ha.

Suggest you make a glass of iced coffee, sit down with hubby....he is your most important person to discuss and decide....
Have a nice day, Lee.

Nana said...

Thank you Uncle Lee for the support you give.
I have told my prof that I am interested in the offer and I am looking forward to the spec and criteria for that position. We'll see how it goes from here. As for my hubby, he is totally supportive. Thanks a million!

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