FIFA 2010

Jun 14, 2010

The soccer fever is back! It's the world cup folks! It would be sleepless month for us, especially my soccer lover husband. We have made a list of matches we would like to watch...with miracle hopes that we will be able to stay awake and be functioning during the day. Tonight at 23:00, it will be the first Japanese match and they will be playing against Cameroon.

My Japanese colleagues excitedly asked me whether I would be cheering for the Japanese team during this world cup. I said, 'Yeah, I really hope they would do well!'. But in my heart, my hubby and I are secretly cheering for the Brazil this year. We are Brazil fans! We love their techniques, the art and the passion they have for soccer, though we know that they are not at their strongest this year.

Anyway, while the FIFA has just merely started, I am beginning to feel annoyed. So so annoyed with the crazy constant 127 decibels bumble bee like sound coming from that Vuvuzela horn. the FIFA authority, please ban that horn from the stadium! It's hazardous! It definitely brings more harm than good. I am quite sure the sound would cause deafness. I am beginning to think that it stresses our mind and heart too! Hopefully the authority would ban the horn and instead encourage the audience to sing or cheer with human voice. It definitely feels so much normal than that vuvuzela horn.


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