Happy 13th Wedding Anniversary!

Jun 14, 2010

We are happy to celebrate our close friends, Kak M and Abang A's 13th wedding anniversary, together with their two beautiful children. I felt honored when Kak M actually requested for my chocolate brownies on their anniversary day. How could I resist the honor of baking a cake on an important occasion like that?

Happy anniversary Kak M and Abang A! May god bless you and your family!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, wow! Your chocolate cake looks sinfully delicious! This one cake I wouldn't dare sit infront of it....might have to be dragged away, ha ha....
5 pieces and iced coffee will be fine with me, ha ha.
Congrats to the nice couple.
Best regards, Lee.

Nana said...

Hi Uncle Lee! Thanks for the compliment!
I will make you the chocolate brownies anytime! :)
My chocolate brownies contain less calories. I cut down the sugar and used vegetable oil instead of butter. You can eat five without feeling guilty! Take care!

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