Hiking trip

Dec 3, 2010

It was a fine warm day at the end of November. We, just Sya and I had decided to spend the morning at the Seibu park as daddy had to work. Seibu park is situated on the hill of Bizan, not far from our home.

This was our first time hiking, without daddy. Although on and off, Sya would come to me and say, 'mama, nak dukung (mommy, can you carry me)', I managed to brush him off and encouraged him to walk on his own. There were many routes to the Bizan hill but we chose to use the easiest way as the other route could be dangerous (more challenging and secluded from others, and we found a snake once!). On the way up, we bumped into a few senior citizens walking up the hill. And wow, their pace was fast! So much faster than us. Malunya! But as a first timer, we were alright I think! hehehe.

Observing the nature and asking mama tons of questions...sigh...

We first saw these two little kittens...having their meal. Someone must have come and fed them!

The stairs are senior-citizen friendly.

An overview of Tokushima city could be seen from here...

We passed by maple trees with red leaves still attached. Aha, we came at the right time for red leaves viewing in Bizan...

The contrast of blue sky and red leaves were just wonderful!

Unfortunately the trees here had gone naked! haha....Do you know what trees they are?

Yes dear, they are sakura trees. In spring, this is what you see. Aren't they adorable?

A shot of sakura at night...with the lighting and all, it was just awesome!

Now, going back to the hiking. We managed to climb up in 30 minutes time. Yay...it was not that bad after all! It was enjoyable. We're planning to do this every weekend when the weather permits. :)

Sya straight away went searching for his two precious little cats...

We found these two beautiful mother and daughter black cats instead...They were not as friendly as those two cats they we had met previously.

Ohh...this must be the father and the BOSS in this hill! Every cat was afraid of his existence. He's wonderful too. He didn't bite or scratch...just shied away when we went nearer.

Another black cat...drinking water from ohh...the fresh water fountain. You guys are just so lucky! Tsk tsk tsk...to think that we have to drink from tab water!

Aha...look who's coming! It's that shirokuroneko-chan (Sya named him that...yeah)

And Heather (Sya named her too!) was here too...they were playing kejar-kejar! haha...

Ooohh...no wonder you guys are happy here!

We fed them with some food...Shirokuroneko-chan was already full. Now doing his sunbathing!

Sya was watching the cats enjoying the beautiful sunny day running around!


How can they not be happy with this beautiful environment?

Huh...did you just snap my picture while I was sunbathing, without my consent?

Shuh, shuh...she wants her privacy too! the bodyguard said.

Aren't they adorable!

Meow~ you can touch me now. Just a little, ok...

Sya: I love you!
Shirokuroneko-chan: Yeah yeah...I know, everyone loves me.

We decided to leave them alone...they seemed to enjoy some privacy after that hearty lunch!

Bye-bye...come again! And don't forget to bring our food!

Sya wanted to play at the playground before going home...

Though not many choices to play with, this is by far Sya's favorite playground!

Ok, it's noon time already...back to the reality. Mommy is hungry. Let's go back for lunch!

Off we went!

Spending time without having spent a cent is still the best way to find peace in our inner selves! At least to us!

Enjoy your weekend!


I amsterdam said...

What a nice way to spend quality time together: good company, good view, good exercise and good weather too. Ahhh truly a blessing :)

Nana said...

Hi I amsterdam!
Yeah...we are really looking forward to sunny weekends so that we can visit these lovely cats again. Luckily our winter rarely reaches below 0 degree celcius. So it's very likely that we will come even in cold winter...hihihi :)

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Oh, so you have "kucing angkat" eh? They look so clean too. purrrr.....meow!

Nana said...

Yes, we love cats! We really adore those two cats especially. They were just so 'manja' and cute! We are seriously thinking of adopting them when we leave for Malaysia. If we live in apartment that allows pet, we would have adopted them instantly!
These cats are very clean. We really think it's got to be the Japanese thing...everything is clean including the cats! Hihihi

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