Pumpkin soup

Dec 18, 2010

I have been very busy during the past few weeks. Tons and tons of experiments to do from 8.30am~10pm...every day, non stop. Thanks to my supportive husband, dinner is always ready whenever I go home. When I reach home every day, I just need to attend to my son and put him to bed. My son's meal, shower, homework is usually taken care of. How lucky can I be?

Friday is my hubby's relax day. He can do anything without being disturbed by Sya and me as we both are not off on Fridays. He likes to go to the nearest electrical store, sits on Japanese massage chair for 20 minutes and relax. That's his luxury activity every Friday. If I have time to go out during lunch, we would buy bento and have lunch at nearest park...recently frequent trips to Bizan hill to enjoy lunch with the cats.
However yesterday, a busy Friday, I couldn't make time for a lunch date with him. Hubby called and asked me what I would be having for lunch. Since I was so busy, I told him that I had never thought of it yet cause I may not have time to even buy lunch. Before going to his Friday prayer, my hubby came to my lab with a big bag.

Inside was some food for my lunch. What was inside? It was pumpkin soup, nicely lined with asparagus and broccoli in a tupperware and two big pieces of bread in a ziplock plastic.

I thanked him and said: 'Arigatou abang. Tapi camana nak makan ni kat tea room ya. Ramai orang Jepun kat lab makan lunch during lunch hour ni...'
He said, 'Tak susah la yang...abang ada letak sudu sekali kat dalam...' He sounded a little disappointed. Knowing he had been taking the trouble to prepare, I thanked him again. Then he left.
I could only squeeze my lunch at around 2 pm. In the tea room, as I opened the tupperware, my Mongolian friends came in for her lunch too. She praised me and said the lunch looked lovely. I told her that my hubby had made it, smiled at her sheepishly. She looked at me and said, 'Ahh...your hubby must really love you...' She then continued and said, 'If my hubby were here, there is no way he would do the same to me.', she expressed her envy. My Mongolian friend who is a newly wed, just came to Japan 8 months ago. She came alone as her hubby could not leave his work. I know she really misses him. Those words, coming from her must have been hard. To make her feel better, I told her that it would be different when he's here, knowing the difficult situation she is in. She looked at me and smiled, unconvinced. We had a quick lunch. The soup was warm and delicious. Extra warm with extra ingredient, if I may say....:)

It's times like this that made me realize that I have been taken things for granted once in a while. Being busy is not an excuse to not appreciate the trouble my hubby had gone through to make my lunch. A lesson learned...no matter how busy one gets, there is a need to stop and think and acknowledge what we have....that we are really blessed. I know I can survive, because of him. I cannot be where I am now without him...never.
Again, thank you hubby. I cannot repay you enough in my life. I hope we can lead a normal life when we go back. Is the decision to go back next year good or not good...it doesn't matter now. As long as we can be together, that alone is good enough for me.


The Bubur Caca Lover said...

Aww.. It was so sweet of him to prepare lunch for you! Consider yourself one lucky girl~ May your love for each other lasts forever (^_^)

Nana said...

Hi Maz! Yeah, I am constantly reminding myself that I am blessed with a very supportive hubby. Thank you for your wish. Amin~

I amsterdam said...

It's a sweet entry Nana and very sweet and thoughful of him to do that :D InsyaAllah your love for each other will grow stronger, amin...

TK said...

So sweet of him... I tak tau buat pumpkin soup pun tau! Betul tu..as long as we can be together with our loved ones, tak kisah duduk kat mana2 pun..

Nana said...

Hi I amsterdam!
:) Yeah...I know it's very nice of him. But at the time when we are busy, the appreciation is not expressed adequately. I will try to express it more from now on. Thanks for your wish. Amin~

Nana said...

Hi TK!
Pumpkin soup...senang jer, lepas rebus/microwave pumpkin sampai lembut, then blend. Masak dengan susu/whipped cream/chicken stock/salt to taste. Gerenti jadi! ;)
Ya TK...we are so looking forward to going back to Malaysia. With atuk, nenek, aunties and uncle who miss him dearly...Sya will be spoiled!

Anonymous said...

Pumpkin soup. Pumpkin pie. And my latest craze - rice with pieces of pumpkin and dried prawns. Yummy!!! I love pumpkin.

Nana said...

Hi Andrea!
It's great to hear from you!
Haha...pumpkin, it's seasonal fruit here. Cheap and sweet! I need the recipe for that pumpkin and dried prawns! I am running out of ideas on pumpkins! Yeah, just like you, pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie and one Japanese dish called nimono are the ones I am familiar with. hihihi...

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Nana, you have a Gold medal of a husband there. Men like him don't grow on trees.
And I have very rarely seen, met, know husbands like him, what he does for you, to you.

My compliments to him, Nana. And Paradise is where love dwells. We can only learn to love by loving.
Have a great week, Lee.
ps, I have never gone overboard for pumpkin, ha ha.

Nana said...

Hi Lee!
Yeah, I realize that too. Yes, we can only learn to love by loving...I will carve those words in my heart and brain too, so that I will never forget! :)
Thank you for the compliments (on his behalf) and I will convey the message to him. He will be thrilled! :)
Ohh Lee, pumpkin masak lemak is really good! You should try it. But I totally understand if you don't like it because I have known some people who don't like the idea of sweet pumpkin as a 'lauk'. ;)
Keep cozy and warm!

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Nana,
Pumpkin? Yummm....my fav is the butternut pumpkin. Just stir fry with some ikan bilis/dried shrimp/fresh prawns, garlic, onion, capcisum and sweet peas, salt and whole peppercorns. yummmm...... oh, or masak lemak with suhun, dried lily flower (kincham) and dried soybean skin. yummm...oh dear, I think I'll ask Mama to get some pumpkins today. purrr.....meow!

Nana said...

Hi Cat-in-Sydney!

Butternut pumpkin sounds good! I will give it a try. Sounds yummy!! Your mama sure know how to make people hungry! :)

My Putri said...

wow !!!! lucky u !!! really a gem of a guy !!!
May ur love for each other last forever !!

Nana said...

Hi Sofea!
Thank you...I am sure your hubby's a great guy too!

Anonymous said...

Nana, I've emailed over the recipe to you. Too long to post in your comment box. Enjoy!

Nana said...

Hi Andrea!
I got it! Will try it and let you know.
Thanks a million!

Cheqna said...


so sweet, and alhamdulillah that u are blessed with a loving hubby and cute son..take care of each other eh.

that pumpkin soup looks yummy..this reminds me that I bought half of a little pumpkin last week and had forgotten about my plan to make "pengat"..perhaps I could have d recipe instead?..pretty please..?..hehe


Nana said...

Hi Cheqna,
Thank you. I will try cherish and value every moment with my loved ones. Insyaallah...
Oh, about that pumpkin soup image, that was a googled image. But back in September 9th, the 30th Ramadhan, my hubby had made the pumpkin soup and I posted in my blog. You can have a quick look.
There are many recipes for pumpkin soup. We went for the easiest one. Attached link is the closest recipe to ours. We usually ikut cita rasa sendiri. hihihi...so susah nak ajar sebab semua ikut mood masa tu. But milk and whipped cream are essential so that the soup turns out creamy. Selamat mencuba Cheqna!

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