Mikan gari みかん狩り

Dec 8, 2010

Japanese love to use the word gari. Gari means hunting/picking in Japanese. I previously wrote about kouyou gari which means red leaves hunting. The word gari is used for fruit too. For example, fruit hunting like momo gari (peach hunting), budou gari (grape hunting), ichigo gari (strawberry hunting), sakuranbou gari (cherry hunting) and the list goes on.

Hunting for fruit doesn't mean you go hunting in the jungle...macam orang dulu-dulu. hihihi. Fruit hunting means you go to the fruit orchard, pay the entrance fee, pick the fruit and eat as much as you wish during the given period of time. The duration is usually for one hour. We are allowed to pick only the amount of fruit that we can finish. If there were leftovers, we would be required to pay extra charge, to buy the picked fruits.

Grape picking in summer 2008

Sweet potatoes picking in fall 2008

Strawberry picking in spring 2009

Cherry picking in spring 2009

We went to mikan gari last weekend.
So what is mikan? Mikan is a type of citrus fruit, a mutant to Chinese mandarin. Mikan is seedless, smaller in size compared to Chinese mandarin and the taste is very sweet.

We searched for the best mikan orchard in Tokushima. The name that surfaced was Katsuura orchard. It was about one and a half hour journey from our home, located on a mountain.

The location was breathtaking!

These mikan is an improved breed. The trees are about one meter tall only!

Drooling by just looking at them!

Sya was all ready to harvest those fruit!

Sya's first pick!

Even Sya who is about 100cm could pick the fruit easily.

The fruit was gathered in the orange color basket.

How to cut? Cut at 5mm~1cm from the fruit stem.

Sya really enjoyed it! He was so proud of his harvest! And the taste of the mikan...sweet!

Mama was told by the orchard owner that mikan from this particular tree is the most delicious!

Another family picnicking under the trees...

Sya and his harvest. Berat betul!

Counting his harvest...

Counting money...how much would mommy pay for one mikan? Bertuah betul...:)

Not enough...let me get some more...

That was big...

Makan mikan with daddy...

Mommy posing with the mikan and errr...shadow of the leaves. hehehe

While Sya bertungkus lumus memanjat utk petik limau...

Ada orang curi limau Sya...haa, kang cakap jangan curi, ayah ni...

Since Sya had picked so many mikan, we had to pay extra charge for the leftovers...We were alright about it cause the price was not expensive, it was normal commercial price.

A shot with the orchard owner who is in his 80s...Still very strong and healthy! He takes care of the orchard all by himself.

Along the road on the way back, we saw so many mikan trees with many mikan on the trees! Geram tak? Kat Malaysia, they would have been stolen! But then again, this is Japan...

Beautiful view along the way back...

We had a wonderful trip. The mikan was really delicious! We wanted to eat as many as we could to get back the money value. But ayah had stopped after his 20th mikan and I gave up at 12. Berbaloi ke tak? Berbaloi! We all agreed that the experience was more valuable than the price that we had paid. I would recommend this to anyone!


Cheqna said...

wow..bestnye ur trip, beautiful views there.

Interesting...but the thot that kena makan at one go the mikan tu :) , but if strawberries yang nampak soooo yummy tu boleh lah berbakul2...makan pulak dengan cream..abis diet..haha

mmm...if only u'd recommend and send me the tickets...hehehe


I amsterdam said...

Lovely photos!!! and I'm droolingggg.... tengok Sya makan strawberry tu... and the cherries...and mikan... Memang berbaloi...

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Nana,
Mama's obasan and okasan were mikan farmers! Syiok kan? Mandarin is also an autumn fruit over here, peak season around April-May. And oh yes...it's cherry season here now. purrr.....meow!

TK said...

Nice view.awesome photos..
I suka sweet potatoes especially yg purple and
I love strawberry..Kat Malaysia ni strawberry masamlah..rindu nak makan yg besar2 and manis tu

My Putri said...

hahaha..so cute tgk Sya mkn..cam nak sumbat jer semua ..hahahha

Nana said...

Hi Cheqna!
Thank you. It was a wonderful trip. The place where we stay is filled with nature. Nature is beautiful.
Haha...nasib baik makan mikan ni takde time limit. Kalau suruh I makan dalam satu jam memang mengah la. We stayed there for more than two hours. Lepas makan, jalan2 ambik gambar. Then petik lagi...then makan lagi. Hihihi...

Nana said...

Hi Cat-in-Sydney!
Wah...tell your mama she sure was lucky! Do you know mikan from Ehime is the best in JAPAN? And it's pricey too. The taste is so sweet. I can imagine how it was when she was here. Pagi2 petik mikan, sambil jalan ke sekolah, sambil makan mikan. Balik sekolah petik lagi mikan sebelum masuk rumah. Hihihi...I would do that if I were her!

Nana said...

Hi TK!
Sweet potatoes kat sini manis...and of course harga dia pun cantik. Hihihi. Kalau buat kuih keria tak letak gula pun I rasa sedap.
Strawberry di Jepun memang sedap. I rasa kat Malaysia masam sebab cuaca tak sesuai. And...the petani tak pandai buat breed baru. These Japanese, aiyo...always thinking of improvising everything. Including fruits and veges. Pokok limau yang tinggi tu pun boleh jadi rendah supaya orang senang nak petik. Strawberry...ada berpuluh2 jenis. Nak masam sikit? Nak manis? Nak yang ruby red? Nak yang putih? Hehe...yang putih tu baru keluar tahun lepas. Sebiji 50 ringgit! hihihi...tak pernah makan lagi. Dikatakan strawberry putih amat manis!

Nana said...

Hi I amsterdam!
My son suka makan buah. Tengok gambar tu...terbeliak mata bila makan strawberry dan buah anggur. Sambil makan sambil cari next target utk disambar. He really enjoyed it. These Japanese are very particular about service. They really make sure we enjoy it. Macam strawberry dan cherry, kita tak payah basuh pun. Sebab tak kena tanah dan ditanam dalam green house. gerenti tak kotor katanya. Memang betul pun. Takde pulak kitaorang balik rumah kena diarrhoea. Ahh...there are so many things I will miss about this country...:)

Nana said...

Hi Sofea!
So you have noticed! Haha...memang betul. Dia sumbat dalam mulut, tak habis makan lagi dah capai the next one! Haha...it was really funny. It was great fun. If you have chance to come here, do consider about having fruit picking. You princes would love it! Different season different fruit. Strawberry, cherry and biwa (Chinese call it pipa) in spring. Grapes, apple and nashi pear in summer-autumn, persimmon and mikan in autumn-winter.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, I love the pics here. And here too we have similar fruit picking, not hunting, ha ha. Pay a fee. My wife loves to go pluck chillies.
Me? I find a shady spot and sit down, relax study the clouds.
You sure take beautiful pics too, and the scenery is really gorgeous.

Have a great weekend, Lee.

Nana said...

Hi Lee!
I am glad that you are back. :)
Haha...yeah, fruit picking it is. The Japanese word they used literally means hunting. :)
Wah...we don't have chillies picking here. It must be fun too! Ah, it would be nice if you take some pictures of the scene. It must be beautiful there. Thank you for your nice compliment. I am taking pictures of anything that I think I will miss when I go back. :)
Enjoy your weekend too!

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