Dec 23, 2010

Santa-san is how the Japanese refers to the Santa Claus.

A few days ago, everyone in Sya's nursery had received a Christmas present. When I came home, Sya excitedly approached me and showed me his present, still nicely wrapped.

Sya: 'Mama, mama...see! My present!'
Mama: 'Ohh...lovely!! Did Santa-san come to your nursery today?'
Sya: 'Ermmm....yeah! Let's open the present, mama.'

Then Sya and I unwrapped the present. It was a toy, which was appropriate for his age. It's a 'gasing' in various shapes. The end product...a wooden dragonfly! We can paint the dragonfly to make it more colorful but Sya prefers the wooden color.

Anyway...back to the story of Santa-san.
Mama: Everyone must have been happy to receive presents from Santa-san. How did the Santa-san come? From the chimney? I asked jokingly.
Sya: No mama, from the front door...and mama, please promise me you won't tell anyone about something I am about to say?
Mama: Huh? Ok...why?
Sya: Because if teacher knows I would be scolded! Just like Tarou-kun today!
Mama: Ohh? what is it?
Sya: 'Mama, I think the santa-san is our headmaster. Shhhh.... 'Sya whispered to me.
Mama: 'Ohh really?' I pretended not to know.
Sya: ' are too loud! Yes, I am quite sure!' I noticed he looked a little disappointed.
Sya: 'Mama...I think Japan doesn't have santa-san.'
Mama: 'Ohh...why?'
Sya: 'Because there are no chimneys in Japanese houses.'
Mama thought for a while.
Mama: 'Does that mean there is no present for you this year?' *wink, wink*
Sya: 'No, no...there can still be presents. Tarou-kun's mama and daddy buy him presents. So mama, please buy that transformer autobot for me, OK?'



Cat-in-Sydney said...

Autobot...yeah!!!! Ultraman tak nak? purrr...meow!

Nana said...

Hi Cat-in-Sydney!
Actually, Sya has many toys at home. Including the ultraman. Saje dia nak tambah koleksi dia. Now, we are trying to limit him to birthday present and raya present. :)

TK said...

So mama, buy him Transformer autobot tu!
So smart of him - he is so chimney no santa lah..santa nak masuk mcamana?
My son is 12 now and he still ask for toys..!!! Ada je la bende yg dia berkenan!

Nana said...

Hi TK!
Hihi...tengoklah, kalau dia lupa, I tak beli. Sebab birthday dia pun tak jauh sangat. Itulah, nampaknya sampai besar anak2 kita akan minta toys. The toy makers memang pandai buat business! Especially kat Jepun ni...Fuyoo, mak bapa dia pun boleh terpengaruh! Kata beli utk anak, last2 tengok ayahnya yang banyak membelek. :)

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