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Dec 23, 2010

Sya came to us and said, 'Mommy, sensei asked us to bring a wallet and a bandana tomorrow'.

A wallet? Sya has no wallet. He is only five and we have never thought of buying him a wallet. We went kelam kabut for a while. Where to find a wallet at 10pm?? And a bandana too? Quickly hubby tried his luck at 'SEVEN supermarket' which closes at 12 midnight. Luckily he managed to find them at one of the chain stores.

Kids' wallet


So, what was the wallet for?
It was for his class trip. Where to? To a huge supermarket. And we were supposed to let him bring ¥100 in the wallet too. They would be spending money. It was part of the nursery's curriculum to let the kids slowly adapt to the community. Good eh?

Sya said they had a wonderful time. The teacher taught them about fruits and veges. And since 100yen was too little to buy their desired candies, some of them joined together and bought the candies in packets and then divided equally. The power of many! Gosh, they even have this kind of education in nurseries. It's impressing!

Having fun with nursery friends...
(Googled pictures)

So what was the bandana for?
The bandana was for the mochitsuki event they had the following day. Mochitsuki is a traditional Japanese event at the end of the year. It's known as mochi-pounding ceremony. Some of you may be familiar about mochi...while it's eaten all year round, mochi is a traditional food during new year.

Did you know that mochi was made by pounding the freshly cooked rice until it's smooth?

Mochi-pounding ceremony...a big event during the end of the year. The kids are wearing bandana

Then mochi is shaped into ball shape

What I found interesting was, the Japanese have started to teach the kids to function as a team at young tender age. That's probably one big reason why the Japanese are so strong as a country.

Though we didn't get to witness their activities, but from Sya's story, everyone seemed to have great fun!


TK said...

Baguskan sekolah kat sana. Penting tu, ajar dorang to cooperate and helping each other.I wish that Malaysia boleh buat benda2 macam tu..
I love Mochi tau! Kuih Koci pun suka gak! In Indonesia japanese food is so popular, mochi can be found everywhere! Kat Malaysia ni tak tau kat mana ada jual mochi.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, here's wishing you and family the very best of Seasons greetings...
Have fun and keep warm. Best regards, Lee.

Nana said...

Hi TK!
Betul betul...I rasa Malaysia perlu ajar budak2 bekerjasama. Ramai budak2 cerdik bila start kerja tak boleh function as a team member. Rugi sangat!
Ohh, popularnya mochi kat Indonesia. Kat Malaysia, kena cari kat Isetan atau Jusco gamaknya. Oh, tell you something, kat Isetan ada jual mochi keras yang di pack dalam plastik bag. Walaupun keras, boleh dibakar guna oven and cheese. Akan jadi garing di luar dan lembut gooey kat dalam. Hahaha...Gerenti sedap! :) Gemuklah kita...hihihi

Nana said...

Thank you Lee!
You enjoy your Christmas party too! Take care of your health too. Do not drink too much during the festive season eh! *wink*

I amsterdam said...

We should learn something from the japanese, culture and traditions are important, no matter how advance yr country is. This is how they ensure the arts/ceremony is not forgotten, by encouraging and exposing them at a young age...

Nana said...

Hi I amsterdam!
Betul tu! We see how people preserve their old values and culture. We wish it could be applied in our own country too. But how to penetrate the stereotype thinking of the higher authorities in our country is something difficult to tackle.
These people has the tendency to be head over heals with development and brush off the ideas to preserve our beautiful culture. It's a shame and very painful to see indeed.

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