21st Ramadhan

Sep 1, 2010

21st Ramadhan. Busy day at university.
The busy life will continue until a few weeks after Eid. Ahh...camana ni, I have big experiment planned on Friday the 9th, the first of Eid (not that I had planned it myself...but my mice decided to give birth to many cubs this week. So, the best time for experiment is nevertheless next Friday! The first day of Raya). Ohh...jom raikan bersama-sama dengan anak-anak tikus kesayanganku! Sob sob...mahu menangis raya tahun ni.

Mood nak beraya pun takde. Baju raya...haha, tak tempah pun tahun ni. Kuih raya, hopefully my mom dah hantar...kalau tak, dah tak sempat dah...
Tahun ni serba mencabar. It's my final year. And I am willing to sacrifice this year's raya in order to graduate on time. It's our 5th Raya di perantauan. Takpe takpe...it's OK...Sabar jer la.

I may have to pass the cooking to my hubby from tomorrow onwards. Late nights at the university will continue from now on. I may be able to squeeze in during the weekend. I hope...
But life goes on...I will make sure I get the best out of this!
Back to the usual topic, and switching back to the 'normal' mode...ehem, sharing with you the menu for 21st Ramadhan. Selamat berbuka!

Ayam masak kurma

Kuzu mochi (green tea or red bean paste)

This is how it looks like in the inside...

Fresh pineapple juice


pakmat said...

selamat berpuasa dirantauan, nana..Tokushima, huh?..pakmat had to wikied it..and realised you r on the other side of Japan, and on an island..:) late nights, hey..am sure your abang can cook..cheers..and take care..will be coming again soon..to browse through..

Nana said...

Salam Pakmat! Thanks for dropping by.
Selamat berpuasa to you too. Will be having late nights...which is a norm for graduate studentd like us. I sincerely hope this would be the final year for us to celebrate Eid without our parents around.
My abang can cook quite well. Bulan puasa ni he's a little bit manja la. Cannot blame him too. hihihi. Thanks Pakmat for coming, I have always enjoyed reading your blog. :)

TK said...

Hi dear! Busy2 pun you can still cook kurma. I am not that busy but lately dah malas nak masak. Geramnya tgok Mochi tu. Japanese kalau buat apa2 pun nampak cantik. Mochi tu ada jual kat 7 Eleven (malaysian made) but pulut dia tak transparent mcm tu. Actually I rasa mochi tu mcm kuih koci di kelantan yg berinti kacang merah or kacang hijau. Mmg I wajib beli everytime balik KB.Apa2 yg ada red bean mmg I suka.

Nana said...

Hi TK! Itulah, my hubby and I pun rasa malas nak masak dah. Nampaknya you suka mochi yek. I like mochi too. Mochi has to be soft. Kalau keras dah bukan mochi dah. Japanese definition of mochi is quite wide. They can be made of glutinous rice, rice flour or starch. Usually the mochi eaten in summer is made of starch. It gives people cooling effect by just looking at it. You know Japanese, the presentation is very very important. It is said that if the food is presentable, the taste will be enhanced.

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