25th Ramadhan

Sep 5, 2010

It's the weekend. I managed to squeeze in for iftar cooking.
Here is our simple break fast menu on the 25th Ramadhan...Selamat berbuka!

Japanese style fried chicken (karaage)

Blueberry pudding

Air limau sudachi


TK said...

How do you prepare ayam goreng japanese style tu?
Ingredients dia ready made ke or you have to prepare on your own.

Wah puding blueberry!I love anything with blueberry!

Anonymous said...

Karaage - my favourite. I love it when taken with a sauce made from mayo and chopped pickled gherkins.

P.S: I'll have you know that I've been dropping by your blog for ideas on what to have for dinner everyday... *LOL* saves me from thinking "what to eat today?"

Nana said...

Hi TK!
Sebenarnya senang jer nak buat ayam goreng tu. You need Japanese shouyu, gula, halia, bawang putih dan tepung cornstarch. Boleh cuba resipi ni:
Ahaha...glad you like blueberry too! I love blueberry jam...yummy!

Nana said...

Hi Andrea! Thanks for dropping by. Haha, please do feel free to come here for ideas though I have pretty much run out of idea myself...:)
Karaage is my family's favorite too. My hubby and son can finish one kilo of karaage in a meal! Tsk tsk tsk...

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