27th Ramadhan

Sep 7, 2010

Truly exhausted today! I presented my progress report and as usual, I was bombarded and given tasks that seem endless. Huhuhu... Takde masa nak fikir pasal raya pun. Balik rumah jer, rebah kat sofa. My brain was totally squeezed and juiced. But discussion like that was quite healthy. I actually was enjoying that torment. It keeps you focus in your work (I really have to think positive at moments like this!).
But I was welcomed with a nice surprise at home. My kuih raya dah sampai. Yay yay...can you imagine 16kg of kuih raya? Ahahaha....bila nak habis kuih2 raya ni. Whatever it is, kuih raya will definitely be my dessert for quite a while, yahooooo! Sharing with you our menu for the 27th Ramadhan. Selamat berbuka!

Nasi goreng ikan masin

Kuih raya: Almond London



Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, just in time, huh? Happy days are here again.
Hey, go drink Sen cha green tea, then feel better.
Love that 'almond London', first time see that. Looks a melter...in the mouth.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Anonymous said...

16kg of kuih raya? Best giler! My guess is that the kuih raya will not last the whole of the Syawal month. Wishing you and your family lots of love, laughter and joy in the Raya season.

Nana said...

Lee, puasa la. Haha...cannot drink Sen cha. But can drink after berbuka. Thanks, it does make one feel serene for a while. Now the raya mood is slowly emerging. Lalalala....
The Almond London is popular in Malaysia. Yes, if you make it right, it should be a melter in the mouth. But only halfway, cause there is a whole almond in the cookie that needs chewing...hahaha. Stay young!

Nana said...

Hi Andrea! Yeah, actually I am thinking of giving away some cookies to my Japanese friends cause I know I will never finish the cookies :) After a week of Syawal, the cookies would just sit there, untouched. What a waste. So, like previous years, I will feed my lab mates with the cookies and listen to their comments about our kuih raya. I am quite sure they will be amazed with the texture of kuih makmur, the crispy kerepek, spicy kerepek pedas, the sweet tart nenas and the list goes on.

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