Flowers in my mind

Sep 20, 2010

Flower is still a girl's best friend. I sincerely believe...

When I was in Kobe last month, my friends and I accidentally came across a small museum. There was a temporary exhibition of preserved flowers titled 'Flower shower'. It was an unplanned visit but we spent a few hours admiring those beautiful flowers which looked so real. Imagine being surrounded by all these beautiful flowers. You would think you were fairies in those fairy tales.

I love the green color roses

Don't the petals look real? The texture was exactly like real flowers too!

Methods of making preserved flowers

Flashes of unforgettable memories kept appearing in my head while I was looking and admiring the beautiful flowers. It left me smiling away. Looking at other people, I realized I was not the only one who had a smile hanging on the face. Everyone else did too. Some bouquets really resembled flowers I received from my hubby when we were 'bercinta'. At that time, he was in Japan and I was in Malacca. He had ordered flowers online from Malaysian florist shops. Then had them sent to my door on special occasions, together with my favorite chocolates or teddy bears. At odd times when we quarreled, words of apology were written in a simple card, together with beautiful flowers too.

Then it was my wedding, we were so busy with preparation that I had forgotten to water my bouquet of bridal flowers which was handed to me one day prior to the wedding day. It was supposed to look fabulous with white lily and roses.

My bridal flowers was designed and meant to look like this...

On the wedding day, the white lilies were half dead and browned! It looked terrible! I almost cried. However, I managed to compose myself and told myself what's done was done...I had to see what I could do with the flowers. I quickly came up with my own version of wedding flowers. was really havoc!

My not so successful handmade bridal bouquet

And of course, talking about the wedding, I wouldn't forget that kimono which I changed into during the reception. It was a super quick changing session done by my Japanese friend, who was really an expert in wearing kimonos.

With Japanese friends, lecturers and professors

Ahh...looking back at these photos, I have to admit I didn't like the outcome of the make-up done by my make-up artist who was supposed to be a famous one, who had done make-up for Era Fazira before. I preferred the make-up artist named abang Halim which had done the make-up on my 'nikah' and Terengganu's reception.

Nikah photo

Those were the days.

Now, on and off, my husband would still send me beautiful flowers. He still gives me flowers on my birthdays, mother's days and our anniversaries. Though no more luxury flowers like what he used to give ( as I would nag on the expensive fault!), a simple bouquet of red roses means a thousand would still steal my heart. And as I said, a flower is still a girl's best friend.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, every woman loves flowers, but not every man will give flowers to women.
I had friends who will say, "what for? They die so fast, waste of money!". And they don't think twice about losing $1000 at Gentings casino!
As well will tease, ask me how come I know so many SYTs, ha ha.

Love the pics here, so beautiful.
And you and hubby look really great, beautiful couple.....handsome hubby, gorgeous wife!
You sure look sensational, Nana....infact, I think your bouquet failed in your lovely presence, ha ha.
Have a beautiful weekend, Lee.

Nana said...

Hi Lee! Thank you for the complement. I think men won't go wrong with flowers. No matter how tough the woman seems to potray herself, deep inside she would still be touched with the presence of flowers.

I hope no one looked at the bouquet during the wedding. Well, I didn't hear anything negative about the bouquet so I hope our presence managed to shift the focus from the flowers. hahaha...
Enjoy your weekend!

Uncle Lee said...

Nana, that bouquet is beautiful, and besides people looking at a more beautiful flower....YOU, not the bouquet, *wink*.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Nana said...

Haha...thank you Lee! You are always sweet. You will forever have many female fans...;)

TK said...

Hi Nana..You must have been very busy..
You macam Jepunlah!
Take care..and have a nice day dear!

Nana said...

Hi TK!
Yeah TK...I don't have problems with Japanese. They mistaken me for Japanese, not foreigners. If they see me with my hubby and son, they will ask me, 'Where is YOUR HUSBAND from? Ohh...Malaysia, so how did you know your hubby?' I pun play around la. Malas nak layan.

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