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Sep 16, 2010

Do you know there is a public holiday called Malaysia day in Malaysia? Malaysia Day is held on September 16 every year, starting year 2010 to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian federation on the same date in 1963. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had announced that last year and said the day would involve activities that would foster the 1Malaysia spirit. I am not going to talk much about the history of Malaysia federation cause you can wiki it. I am going to talk about something which made me mad today.

I had joined facebook 2 years ago. It's where my family, friends and I get to keep in touch. If you are a member of facebook you probably know how it works. If someone writes something on their status, it would show on your wall. So today, while friends were wishing one another Happy Malaysia day, there was one particular person in my friend list who really spoiled my mood by writing something very negative about our country, Malaysia. I was very angry because he was a Malaysian, happened to be my 2 years junior and studied in Japan with Malaysian government scholarship for 4 years! How could you write something bad about your own country? Everything he wrote in his status was negative. Giving poeple the impression that Malaysia is a terrible place to live in. He might have written it in a political view, still, the words he used was very 'biadap'. Well, I didn't comment on his status. Instead, I wrote on my status (so that it would appear on his wall):

'Some Malaysians complained about their own country as if they're not indebted to this country in any possible way. For them who had received government scholarship, before you shout out how bad this country is, one question, have you served the country in return? Just a reminder that you had used 'rakyat' tax for your study. The country may not be perfect, I believe patriotic spirit should be there. Selamat Hari Malaysia!'

I hope he got my message and would stop making drastic remarks anymore...which, my hubby thought was impossible.

I love my country, Malaysia. I know there are many flaws and there is always room for improvement. That doesn't stop me from loving my home country. I just wish more Malaysians would show patriotism in them. At least they owe their country that much!



Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, I'd totally forgotten anout Malaysia day, but Hari Merdeka I never forget, ha ha.
Malaysia like you said has flaws, so is Canada, but we as citizens must have our voices heard to make a country good for our children's future.

Hey, guess who's coming for dinner in Toronto? Senang datang, Lee.

Nana said...

Haha...Lee, just dropped a comment at your pondok. You sure one lucky man!
I understand what you mean. I hve a friend from Africa, who studied here, married a Japanese. We thought he was going to be a Japanese citizen, but instead he went to Canada for 5 years. Then only later came back to Japan and decided to stay here instead. It is difficult to choose a perfect country. We were trying to decide among Canada, USA and UK, once. We'll see how it between serving the country and our personal matter, we have chosen to serve the country...hopefully our choice is right. Amin...

TK said...

Hi Nana! I can't imagine migrating to other countries. I just wanna be near my mother and family. Wherever I go, no matter how nice the country is, I will suffer if I stay more than a week..In Malaysia, I found living in the east coast is more peaceful and I love it. I love Malaysia so much of course. There are many flaws but I think it can be improved.

Nana said...

Hi TK! It's good to lead a peaceful life. Less stress, less diseases.'s really true.
I have had so called stress induced symptoms early this year. And it really scared us. Well, you won't know when your body would give in...We have been thinking of going to the east coast too. We'll see how it goes! :)

pakmat said...

..happy Malaysia Day..:) luvs you for this post..cheers

Nana said...

Thank you Pakmat! You have a great week ahead!

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