28th Ramadhan

Sep 7, 2010

Started listening to lagu raya today. My hubby warned me, 'jangan menghayati lagu'. He's worried that I would be crying non stop. So, the trick he learned after spending 15 years of raya oversea is, to ignore the lyrics and just listen to the music. Easily said than done. I am still sobbing, still tearfull every time I listen to lagu raya. This may take a while for me to cool down.

We are trying to clean the fridge so that we would have space to store ingredients for Eid preparation. Anyway, sharing with you our menu for 28th Ramadhan. Selamat berbuka!

Chicken pie

Popia kecil

Fanta orange


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Nana, I love your poh pia kechil, can have the pic? No need sign contact kan? Ha ha.
I received a few emails of my blogger friends love your 'remis lemak' in my sidebar.

Yes, I guess it is during this time all of us feel homesick, of the 'balek kampong' excitement, the meeting of close family and friends.
My wife and I have never been back for Chinese New Year past 23 years....
only make phone calls....but we have got kind of used to it now, as we have friends here similare situation too.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Nana said...

Hi Lee!
No need, no need. I am waiting with anticipation to see how the pic would be featured. hahaha...
True, it's time like this we feel homesick. Not that we are not used to it. This would be my 11th Raya oversea. But no matter how we are used to the situation, we still miss the moments with our family members. But then again, this is something we have to sacrifice in order to achieve something, right? We have made the decision, so we are determined to stay strong.

Anonymous said...

That chicken pie looks so lip-smacking. Am going to have that for dinner today, thank you.

I know what you mean about being homesick during the festivities like these. I get homesick every Christmas, too esp when sleighbells ring, are you listening. In the lane, snow is glistening...

Nana said...

Thanks Andrea.
Aww...I totally understand that homesick feeling too.I wonder how my mom could live without ever complaining during Chinese New Year because she never went back to Taiwan (her hometown) during that festive season. My mom was such a strong woman! Now I am abroad, I totally understand the sacrifice she made all this while. Moms have to be strong. So do I! :)

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