2010 Sports day

Oct 16, 2010

It's Sya's sports day!
We were very excited, mainly because this year was Sya's final year at Umenohana nursery. Another reason was, we knew how hard my son and his friends had been practicing for this occasion. So we wanted to make sure every event was well captured. In order to do so, we had decided to divide our jobs. Me in charged of photo taking while my hubby was in charged of video taking.

The Umenohana nursery's 63rd sports day

Such a fine day!

Participants' site

Sya belonged to the most senior, 5-year-old class (orange cap)

Chit chatting with good friends

Waiting anxiously

Sya's ehem...girlfriend

Lining up for their first performance

Sya performing a group dance

Kids with yellow caps (4-year-old class) with their 'daruma' race

Kids in red caps belonged to 3-year-old class, showing here was a performance with their mothers

Some parents had to be real patient with their small kids who tend to get anxious, who would suddenly cry and stop their performance. (Pink cap= 2-year-old class)

1-year-old toddlers in green cap performing with their moms

Beautiful mommy volunteered to help out in races

There were events for parents or grandparents

There were even events for nursery kids' big sisters or brothers

It was really enjoyable to see, not only the nursery kids were having fun...even the family members who came to cheer the kids were also given chance to take part in their events. What more, they were given prizes too!

The 5 yo combined with the 4 yo for this race which they were divided into red group and white group. The group with the most balls in the basket won.

The 5 yo with a race where they were given missions to complete like this hula hoop before running to the finishing line

5yo class with another dance performance...Aikk, did my son just forget his steps?

Sya waiting in anticipation for his favorite race...the relay race

Faster, faster....

The button was passed to Sya

Run Sya...run!

Good job, boy!

Sya's class wrapped up the sports day with another dance performance

Everyone was given a gold medal

Everyone was a winner! The kids' must have felt proud of their huge achievement

While listening to the headmaster's closing speech

A group photo of the most senior class members.
Each of them made the crafts which were used to decorate the polls above.

All of them were required to bring back their crafts as souvenirs

Sya's portrait of himself (left)

Proud of you, boy! You are the big winner today (just like any other kid)


TK said...

Cantiknya gambar..
Cutenya Sya pakai topi Jepun tu. Children are just so cute. Baguslah anak you sekolah kat sana. I tgok Japanese teachers are very caring and concern about the students. Masa ngaja kat Pahang, pelajar a few hi school kat Jepun dtg our school every year. They work part time nak dtg Malaysia. I tgok dorang manja dgn cikgu and makan tak cerewet Japanese ni. Dorang bedal je apa2 yg ada.

Nana said...

Thanks TK.
Betul. Kids anywhere are just so cute. Tak kira Jepun atau Malaysia. Ada pros and cons belajar kat Jepun ni. Bila dah biasa ngan cikgu2 yang ada masa layan kanak2 ni, balik Malaysia nanti lain pulak kan.
Tapi betul, budak2 ni bila membesar, tak banyak songeh. Kat sekolah sensei tak bagi memilih makanan. Semua kena habiskan. Sebab tu budak2 Jepun sekarang tinggi2 dan besar belaka.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, Wow! I really enjoyed looking thru the well taken pics. And I must say the Japanese school sure very innovative and creative what with having kids of different ages, parents involved too.
How so different to the Western countries like Canada.

And Nana, you kids must be very fluent with their Japanese, huh?
From what I know, heard, lots of Malay kids with parents on Foreign assignments, now boleh lepas from Mandarin to Russian!
Same here, one day heard couple of very young kids chatting and laughing in beautiful Mandarin....one was white, other one Chinese. And about 12 years old.

Very nice write up and beautiful pics, Nana.
Oh ya, drop by again, that Orang minyak cherita was just a filler as we had visitors, my actual posting was half way done. Already posted.
Sayonara, Lee.

Nana said...

Thank you Lee! Yeah, I really respect this culture of theirs, which portray one of their stereotypes which is, working as a team. Their teamwork is really outstanding. And they have been stressing this culture ever since the kids were little. No wonder they excel and always tip top in everything.
My son speaks Japanese quite fluently. But there is another worry when we go back actually. We need to teach him intensively 'Malay and English' language when we go back. hahaha...Hopefully he would catch up fast. :)

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