The weekend chef

Oct 21, 2010

My son loves experimenting in the kitchen.
Watching his father cook dinner during the weekdays gave him the idea that men should be able to cook. So, during the weekends, at the time when I am most busy with house chores, he would come to me and ask when I would be baking cakes or cookies. To him, weekends equal to baking days.

Most of the times I would just take out some leftover dough from the freezer and let him play with it. I would totally leave him with the dough while I do my house chores. When he's done, I'll toss his 'creations' into the oven, cool them and serve.

I am making rabbit shape cookie

Mommy, is this enough for another cookie?

Rabbit and sakura shaped cookies...cooled

version 1: A dip of melted chocolate, then cool them in fridge for about one hour

Version 2: cookies sandwich

Yummy... Just on time for my tea!

I love having them with fresh milk. Burp...Gochisousamadeshita (That was delicious!)

It is good to see that he doesn't make too much mess nowadays.
Bye-bye to the days when I had to wipe the floor covered with flour, sugar, chocolates, oil, butter and whatever ingredient I used for baking. He was always 'menyibuk' in the kitchen when I was baking. But come to think of it, if he didn't get to start making mess he would never be what he is today. It was worth all the sweat!

You have grown up, my boy! I sincerely hope you would grow up to be the ideal hubby for your future wife. You won't go wrong if you learn from your daddy... *wink*


My Putri said...

hey ..those cookies turned out cute after all...

way to go ,boy !!
good job thr , mama..hehehe

Nana said...

Thanks My Putri!
Soon he would want to bake a cake himself! But that's alright cause he seems to enjoy it. :)

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