Soothing moment

Oct 9, 2010

One of my soothing moments is while playing with cats.
I am a cat lover, so is my hubby.
Is our son a cat lover too? We never really know of my son's status because he is brought up in Japan ever since he was at the age of one.

As everyone know, Japan is a clean country. And we hardly can find stray cats. Once in a while we would go to pet shops and play with the displayed cats. But if you notice, most of the time they would be sleeping. So, the chances of exposing my son to playful yet gentle cats were slim.

Last weekend, while strolling around, we came across a young slim black cat. She was quite tame and had been following and teasing my son. Sya, actually was game enough, approached her and played with the cat. We were so relieved!'s probably a little strange to hear that parents are OK with the fact that their son is playing with stray cats! We kept telling ourselves it's OK because we were here in Japan. In Malaysia, we would probably have to think twice because the cats may carry parasites. (Trying to make ourselves feel better...hahaha)

My hubby actually took a video of Sya's first experience playing with a cat. We were lucky we brought a videocam along that day. Attached is the video, in Japanese unfortunately.

The translation is:

After playing with the cat, Sya came approached daddy for handkerchief.
Sya: 'Ayah, can I touch her with handkerchief instead of using my hands?'
Ayah: 'Naah...just use your hands.'
Then Sya said excitedly: 'Wah...she can go round me like this, like this, like this....(with gestures)'

So my son who obviously is Japanese brained washed, who thinks everything outside the home is dirty, could actually touch and play with a cat using his bare hands. Not bad for a starter, right? *wink*


TK said...

Our family loves cats so much. We used have 3 persians. 2 dah mati last year tinggal 1. Semua kucing tu I tinggalkan kat rumah my MIL. My MIL mmg gila kucing! Dia jaga dorang lebih baik dr I.Kalau weekend kitaorg balik rumah MIL dptlah anak2 main kucing dorang. Everytime pegi petshop kat umah I ni, rasa nak beli je kucing baru..geram. Here in KT kucing murah sgt compared to KB and KL.

Nana said...

Kat Jepun, dok apartment susah nak bela kucing. Ada apartment yang boleh bela kucing tapi tak banyak dan mahal. Kucing I pun kat rumah my family. My parents jagakan. Dia dah tak ingat sape tuan dia dah. Ayah is her favorite person! hahaha...
Kids yang suka kucing selalunya bila besar nanti hati penyayang dan tak kejam. Keep it up, bagi mereka main ngan kucing...tak nak bela ke? hehehe

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