Oct 17, 2010

Nomikai is a drinking party phenomenon particular to Japanese culture. Drinking parties like these are held to mark a wide range of events, including celebrations like entry of new members, graduation, entertaining guests or just simply a happy event. We are expected to attend these important events unless in cases of emergencies.

Last Friday, we had a nomikai at a restaurant called Waji'an. It was not the routine place that we usually went to. It was booked by my prof himself and the place was said to be inaccessible by people like us. Only special people who the owner allows can dine in this restaurant. So we the 'jakun' were very excited to attend.

Our main dish was hot pot. It was quite delicious. But then again, nothing can go wrong with hot it was nothing really special compared to other hot pots that we had.

Prof had arranged seafood hot pot for my table.

There were many other side dishes as well. I only managed to take a few pictures as the restaurant was quite dim. But something that really caught my attention was the 'Otsukuri', which means sashimi (raw fish) made in special dish to reflect the scenery and a feeling of the seasons, the ingredients are collected depending on the current time of year be it spring, summer, autumn or winter.

The fish head, a part of the Otsukuri

The Otsukuri in a special dish

Well, you probably won't notice if you look at the pictures. But I have to tell you, the fish was actually still alive! Yes, alive and breathing while we were eating the flesh!! It was quite an odd feeling though. But the sashimi (raw fish) was really fresh and tasty. Don't believe that the fish was still alive? Just watch the video below. I actually took the video only after a few minutes after the fish arrived at our table (which included the time seized while we were shock and stunned looking at the fish). When it had just arrived, it was breathing normally and regularly. But I guess when I took the video, it was approaching the end of it's life....

A fraction of high class, rarely seen Japanese culture that I got to witness this time.

We wrapped up the party with chestnut ice cream which came with a pleasant presentation.

Firework+ ice cream


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