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Oct 18, 2010

My son loves to ask questions. He is very inquisitive. Some of the questions can really trouble us cause we just simply don't know the answers. A few days ago, The spiderman 3 was on air. He was an ardent fan of spiderman. So, here comes the question,

'Why does the spiderman shoot his organic web from his wrists, not his...ehmm buttock like what spiders usually do?'

And our answer was, 'Because shooting from his buttock won't make him too popular cause then, he would be smelly...'
But at the end, we still doubt he was satisfied with the answer.

When talking about spiders...the imagination escalated. Another question was asked. This time, we seriously thought that our son may, perhaps, possibly be a genius? :)

The question went like this,

'Why is the glue from spider's web never go dry like the ones we use for art work?'

After a long pause, as time was spent thinking of a suitable answer from my too worn out brain, I came out with an answer, 'Ehmm....why don't you ask the spider?'( Yeah I know, very pathetic answer... boohooo)
Hubby's came out with a slightly better answer, 'Are you sure it wasn't dry? How would you know?' Answering a question with another question...which made him confused that for an answer. Well, at least that would make him go quiet for a while, processing the answer until he realized that his question was never answered. When that time comes, it would be another repetitive of QA sessions to satisfy his inquisitive mind. :)


My Putri said...

dont worry ...u r not de 1st one saying i got a cute bb boy... been used to tht...hahahhaa..cant wait for her hair to grow longer so tht can tie a tocang..hehehehe

Woooo.... hv been hearing stories from frens how their kids keep talking n asking questions non -stop ..What a task ya..heehehhe..

Anonymous said...

Your son is a very intelligent boy. I mean, look at the quality of the questions he is asking. I would never even think of half of them? BTW, is it really true re:the smelly thing? LOL

The Bubur Caca Lover said...

what a smart boy you have! maybe next time you can google the questions he posed together. a friend did that with her son, a tip she learnt from a magazine and it worked wonders!

Nana said...

My Putri,
Yeah, your turn will come when your daughter grows up a little more. It's quite challenging if you don't know enough details on something you thought you knew and took it for granted that you would be able to explain well.

Nana said...


Haha...I don't remember myself asking so many questions when I was little. But it's quite refreshing to learn from his point of view! Haha!

ps: About the smelly thing...haha...that's the only answer that made sense that time! LOL

Nana said...


That's a great idea! Hopefully that would answer half of his questions. It would be interesting to see if other kids have the same questions in their minds.

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