A day at Marine Pia Kobe

Oct 30, 2010

Marine Pia Kobe Porto Bazaar is a major outlet mall that resembles a port town in Southern Europe. There are approximately 70 stores selling luxury designer brand items produced by well-known makers in Japan and overseas. Another must see at Marine Pia is the World's longest suspension bridge, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, which is very close by.

We went there last weekend during one of the Coach sale. I had received an invitation postcard saying there would be on sale for the next 2 weeks. People who brought the postcard along would have an extra 30% off from the discounted price. Great chance to 'borong' if you were Coach lover right?

But...to cut the story short, I didn't get any Coach bags. Sigh...There were many nice bags. Very very nice...but I hardly had the chance to use them at the moment. I have like more than 10 different designer bags sitting in my closet. Still brand new but never had the chance to be used. So, I quit the thought and later we agreed to walk around and enjoy the sea view instead.

Among the stores available

Sya and his Biology lesson...looking for insects

He spotted something more interesting...

So there goes our food...That was supposed to be part of our lunch! Bertuah betul!

Then I spotted a few pigeons with deformed foot.

They are a few causes to this (learn about it after googling at home). The main causes are diseases (pigeon pox or bumble-foot) and injury from entanglement in synthetic threads such as fishing line. But they seemed OK. The size was normal and was not extremely thin...I supposed they could survive even with deformed foot.

Hey...forget me not!

Most of our food went to these pigeons!

Enjoying his favorite takoyaki. Who asked you to give all your food? Kan dah lapar balik...

Perut kenyang, hati pun senang...

Enjoying the sea breeze, it's good to come here once in a while...

On a cold autumn evening...

Watching ships come and go....

Watching the longest suspension bridge in the world...

Day dreaming of our own boat/yacht one day...

And watching the beautiful sunset....

Before heading home.

Oh, before that...a small confession! We did go home, but not after purchasing two discounted price bags. No, not from Coach though, from a Japanese designer. *wink*

I know, I know, I am guilty of being a bag lady!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, I love the pics here....of a Japan I never saw.
I guess all of you speak very fluent Japanese by now.
You speak to hubby at home in bahasa or champur Malay? Ha ha.

You getting colder there? We had snow this afternoon. Gave us a shock as only October end. And temp dropping to -3'c now!!!
Looks like we getting an early winter and a very cold one.
You stay warm and have fun, Leeps, love to see the bags you bought.
Women can never resists bags! Ha ha.

Nana said...

Hi Lee! Thank you for dropping by. We speak both Malay and Japanese at home...rojak campur. Hihihi...We are so used to Japanese that it's more spontaneous to speak in Japanese nowadays.
The weather had been weird last week. From warm 21~24 degree Celsius to suddenly 15~16 degree Celsius. The drastic drop of temperature made us felt exceptionally cold. Suddenly we had to take out our winter clothes when usually we would wait till mid November to do so.
Yeah, up in Hokkaido they had their first snow last week. October snow is a rare scene even in Hokkaido. It's estimated to be very cold this winter for us too.
Haha...about my bags, my hubby said that one of them look like Hippies bag in the 60s. The other one was a small purse-like-bag for functions. I quite like that one very much. Well, 70% off and I found it quite cheap but as usual, my hubby refused to comment about it. Wise choice! ;)

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