Shocked, but happy!

Oct 11, 2010

My son goes to Kumon twice a week. We encouraged him to join Kumon when he was 4 years half. All this while, we had to beg him to do his homework, every time. Today, as usual, I told him that he still had not done his homework and his Kumon class was the next day. I added that his favorite TV program would start soon too.

He obediently went to his study desk and started to do his maths questions. I was quite surprised to see that he wrote the letters nicely and there was no rushing (most of the time, he would try finish it fast and scribbled untidily). Wow, that was a first I thought.

When he's started to feel comfortable with the homework, I then started to engage myself with house chores. As I started vacuuming the carpets, I heard my son shut the door and shouted, 'Mama, urusai yo. Shuuchuu dekinai! (Mama, noisy! Please, I can't concentrate!)'.

What?! I was scolded by my son for being noisy?

But I actually swallowed his complaint and waited him to finish his homework before I continued with my vacuuming. But to tell you the truth, I was kind of relieved! At least he has started to learn what his responsible is. And hopefully he has inherited his father's two strong points that I admire most... the power of concentration and the hunger for knowledge.

Hmm, I may seriously need to look for a new vacuum cleaner that can go on a silent mode. *wink*


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, ha ha, love your humour.
Hey...your kids speak to you in Japanese? Holy Smoke! When you all balek kampong, sure will be fun a Malay family speaking Japanese at home.

Incidentally, your kids locally assembled or imported from Malaysia? Ha ha.
Have fun, and vacuum when he at school, Lee.

Nana said...

Hi Lee. Thanks for dropping by.
Yeah la, we speak Japanese at home. He can doesn't verbalize in Malay.'s going to be tough when he goes back.
Yeah I wish I could vacuum when he's at school. The problem is, He comes home before I get home everyday. So, the only solution now is to vacuum before he starts his homework...hahaha...:)

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