Nov 4, 2010

That's my hubby's waist circumference as of today.
An increase from 73cm, 6 years ago. So he went from a slim man to a slightly overweight man (note the 'slightly' expression...he would not be too happy if he's called overweight). Hence, he's decided and determined to go on a diet with some regular exercise daily.

I am trying to respect his decision and support his diet by preparing less calorie food. So when my son asked for dessert the other day, I looked up for cake recipes with least calorie which directed me to chiffon cake.

Citrus chiffon cake

The calorie of a piece of Chiffon cake is about 190~200kcal, which is half the calorie in creamy cakes.

190kcal/ piece

While eating the cake, my hubby said to me, 'Darling, this is delicious. But you know, sometimes I do crave for creamy cakes...', he looked at me cheekily.

Chiffon cakes can be stored in freezer for months

Hahaha. Kesian, but what to do? You have left me no choice. Make sure your waistline is back to at least 80cm before you crave for creamy cakes, ya sayang. When you have reached that number, then we can negotiate for chocolate cake or chocolate brownies. OK dear?


TK said...

I love chiffon cake! Sedap tau wpun simple je! Takpe nanti dia dah kurus u buat lah byk2 creamy cake and jgn lupa posting kat sini ye. I jarang buat kek. I pun dah kembang berapa cm ntah since last year!! I am actually overweight juga. Have to do something about it!! I crave for chocolate most of the time and my husband slalu belikan my fav choc .I can only go an a diet during weekend or during school holidays. Tak sabar nak cuti. I desperately need to lose weight!

Nana said...

I suka chiffon cake juga. Masa cari2 resepi, macam2 chiffon cake ada tau. Ada tofu chiffon cake lagi.
Pasal craving for chocolate, I pun ada juga. Tapi you must know, chocolate is really good for health. So, jangan berhenti terus. Makan bila nak makan. Kalau masa tu tak makan...the craving escalates and you will be eating a lot. Masa tu lah berat naik.
I pun nak ikut berdiet sekali dengan suami. Kalau sorang2, kesian. Takut tak motivated. Kena saling support supaya dapat capai berat impian masing2. Jom kita diet bersama2! :)

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