Nose water (鼻水)

Nov 12, 2010

My son has got flu again.
He had just recovered from flu 2 weeks ago and now he's suffering from another round of flu.

This morning he asked me,
Sya: 'Mommy, when nose water (nasal fluid) goes into the mouth what is it called?'
Me: 'Hmm.. mouth water (口水)?' I jokingly said. Laughing alone with my joke.
Sya: 'So does that mean we can swallow it like what we do with saliva?', he looked at me seriously.

Oh no...I never imagined this would come.

Me: 'Ermmmm... what do you think dear? Would you swallow it?'
Sya thought for a while and said,' No mama, because it was in the nose before, I didn't feel too good to swallow it so I spat it out. Is that ok?'
Me: 'Mama thinks you should spit it out too. Good decision Sya...' I answered, pretend to be serious too.

Fuh...lega rasanya. For a moment, I thought he would take my joke seriously and actually swallow the 'nose water which had become mouth water'.

Bad bad joke mommy!

Ayah tergolek menahan gelak...


The Bubur Caca Lover said...

Phew! Nasib baik... risau gak masa baca tadi...Mana tau kot2 lepas fikir tu dia nak kata 'yes'... close call !

Nana said...

Hahaha...Maz, memang close calls! Mama nak buat lawak tak jadi. Dan rupa2nya dia pulak serius bertanya. hehehe...:)

TK said...

It must be very cold now in Japan.
Clever Sya..bijak cam mak dialah..
Cute je sea lion yg tergolek tu!

My Putri said...

PPhhhewwww...seb baik...tension skjap maser tu ehh..hahahha

Nana said...

TK...dah sejuk sangat!
People around me ramai yang kena flu. So kena makan banyak2 vitamin C. :)
Walaupun sibuk2, I layan juga kerenah dia yang banyak bertanya. Harap2 bila dia besar nanti tak akan malu bertanya di kelas. Tapi risau pula cikgu tak terjawab soalan dia. ahahaha...;)

Nana said...

Sofea, kids ask very simple and naive questions. It's just pure joy to know that my Sya is thinking. Your turn will come soon too! :)

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