One fine rainy day...

Nov 3, 2010

It was showering in Tokushima throughout the last weekend. On Sunday, we didn't have any plan outdoor due to the pouring rain so obviously everyone was bored staying at home. Sya walked up and down the living room, racing his cars, playing with his pooh-chan (yeah, he's obsessed with one small teddy bear named pooh-chan), playing my i-phone games and finally turned the living room upside down with his three boxes of toys scattered on the floor! And where was daddy? Peacefully snoozing in the bedroom!

So I had to come out with an emergency plan... which was, 'Main masak-masak'.

Who says men cannot play masak-masak? My heroes love masak-masak! *wink*

We decided to make 餃子 (known as jiaozi in chinese, gyouza in japanese, chinese dumpling in english). It was our favorite dish. We only get to eat jiaozi on special occasions or whenever my 'chinese blood' decides to stir. It is quite tedious to make jiaozi cause we need to make the skin, wrap them, then boil or fry depending on your preference.

The making of skin, I left it to my two heroes. See! they did a good job didn't they!

The skin made by Sya. They were usable after some minor altering...:)

The making of the filling, wrapping and boiling/frying was my job.

The main ingredients for the fillings: minced beef, cabbage and Chinese chives.

I am glad I had the chance to learn from my mom during my teens...

We made 100 dumplings for lunch and later in the evening, 60 dumplings for dinner.

Really yummylicious!

We love the 鍋貼 (pan-fried dumpling) too!

At night, we finished up all the fillings for jiaozi. Then hubby decided to use the leftover dough for something else. Guess what? It was UDON (Japanese noodle)! Yeah, just look at my son's serious face. His concentration really shied me!

Sya trying his best to make nice looking noodles...

Sya loved the handmade udon!

It was fun spending time making jiaozi. Sya really enjoyed toying with the dough.

I guess after this, rainy days will never be boring anymore....

Sya's version of snowman (with mouth and teeth) pre and post snow. We are enjoying the expression of his creative mind. :)

Have a nice day everyone!


TK said...

Bestnya main masak2. Masak sedap pulak tu. Pandai u buat dumpling. Kat sini mmg tak jumpa dumpling tu..Anak you mesti pandai masak dah besar nanti.

Nana said...

TK...Thanks for coming.
Anak I suka menyibuk kat dapur. Hari ni nak tanak nasi, dia volunteer nak basuh beras. Nanti dah besar bila dok sorang2, boleh masak sendiri.
Kalau TK suka makan dim sum, mungkin ada dumpling tu kot. Yang I tahu, Concorde hotel kat Shah Alam tu memang ada. *Wink*

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, thats very innovative. You will be a good boss one day.
Coming up with creative ideas to keep everyone occupied.

When we were young parents not much money, my mother gave me an old newspaper and her scissors and told me to cut out aeroplanes, cars whatever.
Because I finished them fast, she gave me a real tough one.
"Make a bullock cart". And that took me hours! Ha ha.
Sayonara, Lee.

The Bubur Caca Lover said...

Wah!! ur son bakal jadi calon menantu pilihan...hehehe~

My Putri said...

Hi ..good job !!..WOW i must say really look like dimsum !!! very good !!! ur mum Chinese?..juz guessing..hehehe..remember we used to do tht wrapping when we were young.. good activity thr for de kids...and de father too..(instead of snoozing all day ) same goes here too...

have a nice weekend thr...

Nana said...

Hi Lee!
Haha...thank you. We love doing things together so obviously I can't be enjoying the fun alone! :)
Hey...that's a very good idea! Do you know there's a study that says children who play with scissors will have a better IQ? I didn't know about it until recently. As for my son, I started to let him play with scissors when he was about three years old. We bought a pair of scissors specially designed for small kids where they are not sharp, just good enough to cut by handling the scissors properly. It went well for a while, until he decided to cut his front hair one day!! was really funny.
Have a nice day!

Nana said...

Haha...Maz, ish...kecik2 dah laku anak I ni.
Kat Jepun, lelaki yang pandai masak dikatakan mempunyai karisma dan 'mote-mote' (popular). Kat Malaysia camana pulak ya nanti? Apa2 pun kalau pandai masak, nanti kalau ada rezeki belajar kat oversea takyah mak bapaknya risau kan.

Nana said...

Salam Sofea!
Thanks for the complement. Yeah, I must say, it tasted quite good. The skin was mochi-mochi (doughy). The credit goes to my hubby yang pandai uli tepung. Uli tepung better give to male to do cause the consistence of the dough depends on how strong the person is too.
I am sure you miss eating dumplings like my mum. We were trained since little to help her make dumplings, along with other kuihs like karipap, cakes and pastries. So, it is good to train your daughter to join you make your favorite food so that you both can share something in common. Chinese essence is beautiful too...:)
Enjoy your weekend too!

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