Origami part II

Nov 8, 2010

Finally, we have suceeded in making the bird origami!
Fuh...it took us quite some time to make them too. The white one was made by Sya, ayah's was purple and mine was the brown one.

To think that Sya would be satisfied with those origami...we were wrong again of course. No, we didn't make any camera origami as we couldn't find any folding instructions online. So, as for his second choice, he requested for crabs.

Yup...crab origami.

It took us more than an hour, way past our dinner time to make those little crabs. Obviously daddy was a little grumpy...grumbling and complaining that it's not a good idea to make origami at night. Especially before the dinner time! On the other hand, my son Sya, had quit making the crab half way and went to watch his favorite Ben 10 cartoon. Of course, he got a good lecture from me after that!

Bird origami

The scene of the birds attacking crabs...hahahaha...

Ready in 30 min, Okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake) for dinner

Despite the fact that we ended having late dinner, all in all...it was fun. However, hubby and I both agreed that though making paper craft is good for Sya's education...it may never rank in our personal 'top 10 favorite family activity' list!


TK said...

Few years back I ada buat origami. I suka..sbb geram tgok kertas2 origami yg colorful tu. I tak pandai buat crab tu tapi...Baguslah layan anak buat origami..benda2 camtu can enhance his creativity.
Pancake tu nampak sedapnya..atas pancake tu jam ke?

Nana said...

Hi TK!
Memang origami ni bagus utk creativity kanak2. Sebab tu layan juga kerenah dia...tapi terkontang kanting juga la. Hehe...
Pancake tu kan...masin.
1. Intinya: cabbage+seafood (variable)+vege
2. Sauce: Sejenis sos macam shouyu manis pekat
3. Mayonnaise.
Pancake ni sesuai dengan citarasa orang Malaysia. Boleh cuba buat kalau nak rasa. Senang jer! :)

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