Mama Daisuki...

Nov 2, 2010

I hear this everyday. Every morning, every time I come back from Uni, every now and then and every night before he sleeps. I have lost count how many times he had said that every day but it just warms my heart whenever I hear him say...'Mama, daisuki' (I love you, mama)

It's a blessing to be a mother...
It's a blessing to be a mother to my son...
and it's a blessing to have realized that family is still my dearest asset.

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Anonymous said...

salam kak adi,

baru discover ur blog. dan saya suka blog kak adi. u r very optimistic person. positive, happy and everything is just beautiful.

ur blog inspires me hehehe missing tokushima so much!


Nana said...

Salam Yan,

Thanks for dropping by. Thanks for the wonderful complement too!
I believe we will lose nothing being positive and happy. And that'S why I keep telling myself to let loose, not to feel too uptight over things...Insyallah positive things will keep coming. :)
Bila nak datang balik ke sini? Next year akak nak balik dah...nak tunggu Yan inherit all my stuff. I promised you that, remember? :)

Kok Keon said...

Mama, daisuki....Oh, so sweet!
Yes, I agree with you, It's a blessing to be a mother (or father)

Nana said...

Thanks for dropping by Dr Liau!
Ah, yes it is a blessing being a parent.
Though I feel guilty as I am busy most of the time but I will try my best to compensate and spend more time with him during the weekend. Looking forward to a better quality of life when I go back...:)

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