Japanese puppet show

Nov 27, 2010

Umenohana nursery had organized a puppet show today. Sya had been looking forward to the puppet show and had been constantly reminding us about it. So obviously we had to change Sya's piano lesson to some other time and attended the puppet show instead.

The Japanese were really good at entertaining children. During the show, the kids were concentrating 100% on the show partly because the storyteller made a great effort for the kids to participate in the story too! I, as a parent who accompanied found it very refreshing. It is a quality that we should take serious note of.

The puppet show team had two shows prepared for today. The first show was a short storytelling which was later followed by the most anticipated puppet show.

The storytelling was about how rabbits escaped from the wolves.

The storyteller with an attractive voice

The audience before the show

The audience during the show...everyone had their eyes locked on the storyteller

Before the five rabbits were captured by the wolves

A video of the storytelling

the puppet show was about a story how a dog, a cat and a hen exterminated two thieves and managed to make the abandoned home theirs.

The two thieves in the puppet show

A video of the puppet show

It was hard to believe that the team consists of only three people!

Every kid who attended the show was given a souvenir - a sandwich, yogurt drink and a mandarin for lunch


My Putri said...

very creative ya... good for the children ..
klu x asyik tgk Astro jer atau main komp or PSP..

Nana said...

Hi Sofea!
Yeah, I am sure they were a some kids who didn't want to come to watch the puppet show as it is a little outdated. But yeah, it is great to see that the Japanese still continue their tradition. It was beautiful! I just wished in Malaysia, people would make the effort to do something for its cultural value but not so much of 'material value'...:)

TK said...

OMG..I yg tua ni pun enjoyed the show.
One thing about the Japanese- they really preserved their culture and tradition wpun dah advanced. U r so right we should do something to preserve the cultural values. Pegi negara mana2 pun we would want to see budaya orang.
Why not make wayang kulit fun for our children..why not?

TK said...

One more thing..cantiknya those autumn photos at your sidebar!!!

Nana said...

Hi TK! Itulah, budak mana tak suka tengok puppet show. I masa kecik2 dulu tak pernah tengok puppet show pun. Memang bertuah budak2 Jepun ni.
I tanya my Japanese friends. Dia kata tak semua sekolah ada puppet show sekarang. Sebab budak2 moden ramai yang tak berminat. Tapi memang bertuah Sya dapat tengok puppet show ni. Must give the credit to the headmaster yang value old tradition ni.
Betul2...maybe it's good to have wayang kulit show once a year at school kan? Tapi kenalah simplify and modernize the story. Kalau tak mana budak2 nak faham hikayat Ramayana...hihihi.
Ingat lagi iklan ubat batuk cap ibu dan anak...'Kisah seorang anak yang duka nestapa kerana ibunya batuk...' Hahaha...ada impact la! Kelakar...hahaha

Nana said...

Thanks TK! Some of the pictures were my autumn photo collection for the past 3 years! Haha...nampaknya TK kena datang Jepun masa musim luruh lah! You would surely love the colors!

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Nana, I have always loved anything Japanese except sushi, ha ha.
And yes, they are good at a lot of things.
What I love is their homes with those sliding doors, so smooth and a light touch will get it to move.

Love the pics here. You good with that camera, Nana.
Have fun and enjoy the Japanese winter, Lee.

Nana said...

Hello Lee, thanks for dropping by.
Japanese culture is lovely! However I recently find that the culture is gradually fading too. It's quite sad to see that the young generations don't really value the culture that much.
Mind you, not every Japanese love sushi too! So you definitely can get away without having to eat raw food! There are so many other varieties you can get. And very healthy too! Don't worry, just because I showed dishes of raw food in my blog, doesn't mean that's the only thing available here! Keep warm and cozy!

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