Nov 6, 2010

Tsuru origami

Hubby went to work and it's the day when I spend time alone with Sya. In the afternoon, while I was watching TV, he approached me and asked to make tsuru (bird) origami (Japanese paper craft).

I said, 'Sorry dear, mama doesn't know how to make bird origami'. It's true because I am really hopeless in making paper craft. The only thing I know is making an airplane. Even that, it is a really simple airplane. My son looked at me in disbelief. 'But daddy told me yesterday that you know how to make bird origami!' Ooopps...he must have given daddy a hard time yesterday too. Daddy probably had said something like this, 'Wait till mama comes back ok. Mama knows how to make bird origami...', so to stop him from bothering daddy.

But now he left me with no excuse. So I told him carefully, 'Daddy must have made a mistake. Mommy can't help you with the bird origami now. But we can buy an origami book tomorrow and learn together how to make that bird origami, OK?' Sya looked at me and smiled, 'Hait. Yatta (yoohoo)! Mommy, does that mean you can make me a camera origami after this?'
Camera origami

Ohh no! Did I just put myself into a more challenged situation?

Daddy, help!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, I have always loved this origami. Very fascinating.
By the way, how's the tea houses there? Still have those lovely Geishas to entertain?
I remember I used to pop into a few back in the '80s.

This origami good to learn....and that money one is really nice.
Have fun, Lee.

Nana said...

Hi Lee. Yes, I am fascinated too. I have learned a few different types of origami but they never seemed to stick in my brain. So, I need the instruction paper to guide me into making those origami.
About the tea houses, actually I have never been there. Only high class people get to experience that. And obviously you are one of them!
Maybe you can share your experience with us? *wink*

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