Jul 2, 2010

As I was cycling home for lunch, I saw that man.
That man...was someone I met 3 years ago. A man whom I never talked to after one embarrassing incident. And I bet he too, would never want to see me in any possible way.

It started 3 years ago, on a Christmas eve.
My university had organized a Christmas party for the foreign students. As a routine, before the party, they had selected a few foreigners to give talks about their home countries. Needless to say, I was one of the few who had to present. On that day, I remember a few of my Indonesian friends came along with other foreigners from China, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Egypt. During the questioning session, I was asked a few general questions about Malaysia by two Japanese and one man who looked like Arabian to me. The questions were easy. Nothing that I couldn't answer. Anyway, after my presentation, I didn't stay for the Christmas party and left to continue my experiment.

A few weeks after that, while watching TV, my husband asked me something.

Hubby: 'Sayang, remember that day when you gave the presentation? There is one Egyptian guy at my working place who had been bugging me for a Malaysian girl's telephone number. He claimed that he met that girl during that presentation day.'

Me: 'Huh? Really...I didn't realize any other Malaysian that day. But I could be wrong because I was busy with my presentation. However I am quite sure there were a few Indonesians. Could he mistaken an Indonesian for a Malaysian? Why did he want to have that girl's number in the first place?' I asked curiously.

Hubby: 'What else? He is 'angau' la. Claiming that he is in love with that girl. Aiyaa...little bit kesian at him. He has been telling me about this girl for the past few weeks.'

Me: 'Ohh...ok. Let's see, there are only a handful Malaysian girls in the campus and I know all of them. And only one is single. Could it be that he's in love with Miss A?'

Hubby: 'I don't know. But he mentioned that the Malaysian girl gave a talk about Malaysia that day. Who else from Malaysia gave a talk?'

Me: 'Abang...there was only ME! I was the only Malaysian giving talk. Hahaha...Could it be that your friend liked me?' Looking at my hubby, hoping that he's not mad at the situation.

Hubby: 'Hmmm...? hahaha...' My husband laughed away.

Me:'So what are you going to do now? Are you going to tell him that the person he was looking for was your wife?'

Hubby: 'No la...I will just tell him I don't know. Kesian la. How can I tell him straight on the face like that. I just hope that he would cool down with time.'

Well, his guess was wrong.

A few weeks after, during a gathering with Malaysian friends. The ladies gathered and chit chat.

Kak M: 'Hey, I heard you have got an admirer. hahaha'
Me: ' Huh? I have? Who?'
Kak M: 'A young Egyptian man...'
Me' did you know?'
Kak M: 'You should ask S about it...'
S: Yeah, betul. That man ah...I don't know what he was thinking. His name is M.A. We attend Japanese language class every week together. That day he asked us about a Malaysian girl. Describing the look and everything which we were sure it was you. So I told him off and said that you are married with a son. He ah...aiyaa, he didn't want to believe. We then showed your photo and confirmed him of the reality. Haha...we also told him that your hubby worked at the same part time place as he does. He sounded shock...Kesian but what to do. If I didn't tell him it would escalate. Ish...falling in love with someone's wife is no good.'
Me: Hmm...Never thought a woman married with kids can still have admirer. Hopefully he would find a younger and better woman.' I laughed. But inside my heart, I felt very sorry that we didn't stop him before he made a fool of himself. I felt bad that he had to learn about the truth the hard way.

My hubby told me that M.A had not been working since he knew about the truth. My guess was that he probably was too ashamed to face my husband. My husband on the other hand was quite cool about this. He didn't think it was entirely his fault but he wished that man would do more homework before asking around. Anyway, after a few weeks he reappeared to work and apologized to my hubby. My hubby reassured him that it's alright and encouraged him to find a new love elsewhere. The case was finally closed.

One fine evening, before we slept, I recalled the incident and asked my hubby.

Me: Ayang, about that young man. Why were you so cool all the way . You tak sayang I ke?'
Hubby: Sayang...mana tak sayang. But I see it this way, you are mine. Already mine. Does anything else matter? And besides, he is on the losing end to start with. Why need to waste my energy to stir a fight....hahaha'
Me: ' huh...sombong ya. Nanti I lari dengan orang lain, nangis karang.'
Hubby: ' think why I accompanied you here ah? Because I worry one day someone would kidnap you ok. Many dangerous men out there...I am always watching out for you...'
Me: 'hihihi...yalah sayang'

~The End~


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, I love this posting. And Nana, it is a big compliment to you and hubby. Apart from HE didn't know you married, I guess he found you a person he really liked, your charming personality, whatever.

And just accept the fact, apart from he didn't is a compliment to you that men find you attractive, to your hubby too. And I know, your hubby feeling proud other men finds his wife attractive.

My wife gets very often dinner or lunch invitations, by younger men, she of course declining, but tells me. Like your hubby, I laughed, but feeling good men still find my wife her age too.
It sure makes her sing or hum when having her shower or cooking too.

So and be glad men find you attractive. Not many married women have these experience.
And I can tell you, your married lady friends who know re this story, feel slightly envious too.
Have a nice weekend, Lee.

Nana said...

Hi Uncle Lee.
Wah, I am sure your wife is beautiful and elegant. Married to Uncle Lee bukan senang tu. *wink* I sure would like to learn the secret of youth from her. Maybe you can ask her and you can write about how to stay young? Good idea?
I think my husband is proud of me as much as I am proud of him. He went through a lot of heartbreaking episodes to get what he wanted. hihihi...I am proud that he had passed all the hurdles with flying colours...:)

emie said...

kak Adi! juz discovered your blog. luv this particular post!! u guys are such a sweet couple. take care!

Nana said...

Hi Emie! Just started my blog. Am glad that you liked this post. Thanks! You take care too!

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